Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

So I went to the Health Center again today. For the last five days or so I have been having these massive headaches. It's like my neck, all the way around to my forehead and eyes hurt. My ears would also hurt. The weird thing is is sometimes it would go away, but if i coughed or sneezed it would hurt my head wicked bad! It was like so much pressure. I woke up this morning at seven with the most awful headache I've ever had so I went and took two tylenol and it helped me sleep. When I got to the doctor she asked me questions like usual. She said it sounded like tension headaches and showed me some exercises to do with my shoulders and neck. She checked my ears and they were fine. She felt my neck and said two pretty swollen lymph nodes and that could be what's causing the neck pain and headache. She wanted to take a blood count to make sure that I didn't have mono. After they got my blood, the lady came in and said, "well, you don't have mono that's for sure, but something is making those lymph nodes swell so make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots and lots of liquids." She then proceeded to tell me that she noticed that I am border-line anemic. So, I know what explains me being tired all the time, my shaking, and why the room sometimes gets dark when I get up. So, I have to take iron supplement twice a day and go back in a month so she can take another blood count and see how I am doing. I just want to know where the killer headaches are coming from. I'm just glad that they didn't find anything serious with me though! I have a picture of our stack of thank you cards I've been working on for a while. This is not all of them, however, because I already sent some out, and I still have like 15 more to do. It's kinda fun though! The ones on the bottom are actually postcards and there are a lot of those!

Monday, September 29, 2008

7 weird things about me!

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, and I didn't really know what to blog about so I decided to do the "7 weird things about me." Kerstin tagged anyone who wanted to do it, so I decided to do it!
1. I absolutely adore the color pink. I mean, I'm a "think pink" kinda girl. The weird thing about this is I used to absolutely hate pink. I was totally against it, and never thought that I would like it.
2. I have to sleep with a very flat pillow. If there isn't a flat pillow in the house, then I'll sleep without any pillow.
3. I love dipping nacho cheese doritos into sour cream! It's delicious!
4. I'm a sucker for the Disney Channel. I think I'll always be a kid at heart. I love Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's so Raven, and the newst the Suite life on Deck! haha.
5. I don't know why, but I can not handle dishes just sitting in the sink, so the dishes either need to be in the dishwasher or the cupboards. I have to see an empty clean sink... weird, I know!
6. When I am going to sleep, I have to be facing the wall. I've always been like that. I can't fall asleep unless I am facing the wall.
7. I can not leave the bathroom without making sure that the counter around the sink is not wet. I have a dry washcloth that I keep in our toiletrie box that I use to wipe up any water or drops of water. I also get on the scale every time I use the bathroom... don't ask me why. Maybe it's just the fact that we actually have a scale. haha!

Well, I don't really know who to tag, but if you wanna do it, do it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bike Ride!

So, yesterday I rode my bike for the first time since we got it! It was so fun! but I had to be careful because we live on a big hill so when I went down I had to make sure I was braking so that I didn't go way to fast and fly off!... that would have been awful! I rode it to the grocery store to get bananas and shampoo/conditioner. It was great fun! On the way back up, however, was super hard. I had to walk it up most the way, but from what I did ride up really made me sore! My feet all the way up to my abs are super sore this morning, and I did a bunch of pushups last night and my shoulders down to my wrists are sore too! yikes! I don't think I'll be running today. Probably tomorrow. Here are some silly pictures that Joe and I took yesterday!:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's the big day!

I'm super excited for the season premiere of The Office tonight!!! WOO HOO!!! So yesterday I was at home most of the day. While I was at home, I did some thank-you cards, cleaned, and did laundry. I also kind of moped around because I had a bad headache. So, while Joe was at class I got my gym clothes on, picked up Joe from class, and we went to the gym! We both ran on the treadmills. We both had a hardcore workout. We both ran for 25 minutes straight, but then my left knee (the one I broke) started to kill, and Joe's big toe started to hurt! We felt great after even though we were dripping in nasty sweat! My headache was gone after that and I felt great! After the gym, we raced home so that I could make dinner before Relief Society Enrichment. Since there wasn't much time, I made hot dogs and we ate doritos with it. It was pretty good! Oh, and I ate chocolate too! So, I had been looking forward to this Enrichment because we were going to be making magnets, and we have none for our fridge so I was glad to make some! So, our limit was four, but since there was lots of extra supplies I made a fifth one. It was great! After that, I came home and changed because my friend Sandra talked me into joining our ward's ultimate frisbee team. Good thing I went because we had exactly 7 players and that is how many we needed to play. The team we played was super good and they were all serious about it... they even had a coach!.... weird! We were there just to have fun, and of course we lost 1 to like 7! haha... then again, they had a bunch of players and were subbing people in constantly. We, however, all played the whole time. It was super fun, but I was worn out! Running back and forth on that field after the hardcore workout made getting to sleep that night easy! So, there is another game tonight at 10, and I might go, but I can't decide. So, right now I am watching a great episode of What Not to Wear! I've included a pic of the magnets I made. I could not get a clearer picture of them though, probably not the camera's fault though...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Biggest Loser!

I am watching The Biggest Loser for the first time as I write this. This show is pretty good! It kinda makes me laugh at some parts too. I enjoy seeing how people look after losing all that weight, just like what KT said. There's a DVD that came with our scale (the one with the biggest loser logo on it) and it's like a workout DVD. I can't wait to try it out. I might do it tomorrow if I decide not to go to the gym. I'll probably end up going to the gym though... haha... I like running on the treadmills! Anyways, I just think that this show is so unique and I can't believe I didn't even know it existed! To be honest, when we bought the scale I was wondering what the biggest loser even meant. I was like is that like just the name they gave the scale or what? And then one day while flipping through the channels, I saw a commercial about the show and I was like it's a show?!?!?! Okay, well this blog is kind of random and weird, but I was trying to find something to do on my computer, so ya! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a chili day out!

Hey everyone! Well, like my heading says, it IS pretty cold outside. I guess it wouldn't be too bad except it's super windy too. My appointment was at 11, and it turns out there were some white blood cells and cloudiness(she used some other term, but I can't remember what it is) in my urine, so I got some medication to take for 10 days and I should be feeling much better! She said if it's not better than to go back. After the great time at the doctor, I walked over to my older brother Matt's apartment to drop off season two of The Office because he wanted to borrow it. It was good to see him! especially since I haven't seen him since the day we moved in! He had to go to his English class so I walked him since it was on the way back to my place. We had some good convo! He seems to be keeping really busy and seems to be doing great! He works every morning at 4, which is great because he gets off at 7, and then he has a 7:45 class in the building he cleans so it works out great because he is never late! He also goes to the gym every day, but sunday. On top of all that he has four girls' numbers! and he has a date this thursday! Go Matt! Anyways, now I am at home and I am probably going to work on thank you cards. I really need to get them done! I've decided to include a picture of my new bike and some pics of our kitchen and food... don't ask me why, I don't know. haha!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shop til ya drop!

So today was a pretty good day! We slept in til 10:30, and I must say... that felt so good. I felt like a new woman when I finally got up! So we decided to have a real breakfast for once, so Joey cooked the bacon since he is so great at it, and I cooked the eggs and toast haha. It was delicious! Afterwards, I kind of watched a little bit of tv... I can't really remember what I watched though haha! Then we showered and got ready to go to the temple. The temple was great! We were there for a while though because we did baptisms during walk-ins and there was a long wait, but it was totally worth it of course! By the time we got back home it was about 4:30 and it was kind of gloomy outside. It had rained while we were doing baptisms and what not. Joe and I then took my friend Sandra's car to go grocery shopping and we probably got enough food to last us the rest of the month! We went to Albertson's and then to Wal-mart. Oh! We also got me a new bike and it's pink and it's super cute and so much easier to ride than Joe's! (His is kind of big for me) so Joe rode that all the way back home and I drove the groceries home. He got here, and then helped me finish unloading the groceries. I then realized I forgot to pick up some pictures from Wal-mart so we ran back to Wal-mart and then had to go to Broulim's (the other grocery store) and get some things that Albertson's didn't have, then we came back home to drop off the groceries. We have learned how to compare prices and save money! After that, we ran to Winger's and had some delicious wings and fries! It was great! I wasn't feeling too hot after though. Kinda nauceous and my head hurt... plus I think I might have a UTI. So good thing I'm going to the doctor on Monday. Well, now it's getting late and we are watching Miss Congeniality on ABC Family! haha! Anyways, thought I'd just blog about our day! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks KT!

Well! First off I'd like to thank KT for putting this great blog together and making it look so pretty! Also, "I'd like to thank my ked's." I couldn't have done it without them! Yayyyyyy Kevin!!! (Pam Beasley) Sorry I could not resist. Mostly, I just wanted to thank KT for doing it all and letting everyone know that I couldn't have done it without her!

It's been too long!

Wow! It's been way too long! but I came up with this brilliant idea! I think that once I learn how to fix up my blog and actually make it cute and worth looking at, then I will probably blog way more often. I guess I just got really bored with mine because everyone elses was way more fun to associate with. Anyways, I'm a married woman now, and it's been so much fun! You always have a best friend to hang out with! But sadly, I have to go and make an appointment at the student health center now... Just a check up. I haven't been feeling too well the last couple of days. Joey has a presentation today in his Business Communications class today (it's the second one this week) and well, me? I have been trying to get thank you cards done and clean the house and wait for someone to call me for an interview. I seriously have applied to like 10 jobs. They are as follows: Walgreens, Albertsons, Walmart, Payless Shoesource, Hollywood Video, New York Burrito, Melaleuca, Progrexion, JB's Restaurant, some Copy and Go place, Little Caesars, ummm that's all I can think of. I'm also about to apply to a couple of banks who are going to be hiring pretty soon here. The only problem with a lot of these places is that most of them said, "we are always accepting applications!" In other words, we aren't hiring right now, but let's give you some hope. I also have been trying to learn how to cook meals and what not. There's this really sweet girl in our ward that I've become friends with. She and her husband were married about a week before Joe and I were. Her name is Sandra and she is also off track and looking for a job. Her and her husband have two cars and her husband is in school and so she said that we could borrow her car whenever we need it because he isn't using his right now. That is so sweet of them. I'm a little iffy on using other people's cars though. It's kinda scary for me, but that is super nice of them to offer that to us. They also said we could join them whenever they go grocery shopping if we need to go too. It's pretty sweet!!! Wow, I better go! thanks for reading my rambling! Hopefully my blog will be beautified soon!