Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Game called Catch Up!

Our Very Handsome Boy!
It has been a while since I've updated everyone on the little Gebhardt family. We are doing well, and we have been up to a lot. Joe started his new job on June 6, so he has been working a little bit over a month now. It has been going well. There are pros and cons to his new job. His schedule is like this:
Work Wednesday and Thursday one week.
Work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday the next week.
So, he alternates weeks. It's kind of like a nurse's schedule I think. This week is what we call his short week. He only had to work yesterday and is working today. The pros are that he technically works half a month if you think about it, and he has a lot of days off to be with his little family. Also, his job has GREAT benefits, which is just terrific! :) Also, he carpools with his Aunt and Uncle, which saves us a lot of gas money since it's a 40 minute commute. Also, it is great to finally have some good income, so we can start paying off a few of our small school loans and save some money up!
So, the cons: He works 12 hour shifts, from 7a.m. to 7p.m. Basically, he is gone 14 hours on his work days, so when he comes home, he basically gets ready for bed to get up at 5 the next morning. Another OBVIOUS con is he has to work every other Sunday. BOO. However, we know that this is where he is supposed to be and that everything will work out for good in the long run. Plus, he gets 3 weeks vacation, so he will take some Sundays off so he can go to church. :) Ryker definitely misses his Daddy when he is gone because when Daddy gets home from work, he cannot stop smiling and laughing at him. It's such a sweet thing to see. :)
Okay, moving on. So, it's really nice to finally have good health insurance. It's also finally nice to have dental and vision insurance, so that we can go to the dentist and finally get our eyes checked out. I hadn't been to the eye doctor in almost 4 years, and same with Joe. We finally got to go. The lady at the front desk told us that we have a special vision insurance (really good) because we get both contacts and glasses under this insurance. It is grand. So, we took full advantage and ordered ourselves some nice glasses. I was surprised to find out that neither of us had any change in our vision. I'm very grateful for that. Also, it covers $500 of lasik. Joe is really trying to get me to get it, but I'm a little nervous. We might do it in a couple years.So, here are the frames I picked out. They are ruby and I like them a lot. They are Bebe brand. The only Bebe brand anything I will ever own.
Of course, everyone wants to know about our little man. Ryker is doing wonderfully. He is so smart, and he is getting so big. Too fast. It's been fun to see his personality continue to blossom. He's such a funny little boy. Here are some things that he loves to do (or just does):
-stick his tongue out and move it all around in his mouth. He's a fish.
-blow bubbles
-try really hard to roll over
-lift his butt of the bed and push his body up
-scream happy sounds
-smile and laugh
-sit up with help
-play with daddy and mommy
-there is never a time that he doesn't smile at his Pappy (Joe's dad)
-be fed by his Mimi (Joe's mom)
-be held by his Uncle Ricky, Uncle Stevie, and Aunt Liana
-stand up on his legs when you try to burp him
-shove and rub his face in your shoulder
-look at himself in the mirror and smile
-swim (went in for the first time 2 days ago, and loved it. Not a peep out of him except for happy screams and laughter)
-scoot around in his bed in the morning until mom wakes and comes to get him for breakfast
-his binky (only when it's nap time or bed time)
-stare at his hands and holding burp rag or a small cloth
-bath time
-play next to mommy while she works out
-ride in the car
-try to get out of everyone's arms even though he can't go anywhere. haha
-ride in his stroller, as you can tell from below. HAHA
Ok, that list is plenty long. I could add more, but I don't feel like it. The point is is he is very fun and we love everything about that little boy! :) Can't believe he will be 4 months in a week and a half. We got him a bouncer. He is going to love that thing when his Pappy puts it in the doorway for him.

Also, I got a part time job at the CEC (Childhood Education Center) at the YMCA. It's just 3 hours a day, 5 days a week from 11-2. They are going to pay me 12 bucks an hour to basically cover for people's lunch breaks. It will be a lot of fun because it will be in my field of study. Preschool. I'll be with the Kindergarten ready children though, I think. Also, I get a free membership at the YMCA which is great because I can go there and get rid of my baby weight, hopefully. They have babysitters to watch kids too. Pappy is going to watch Ryker while I work. Unfortunately, they don't have room for him in their infant lab, which is fine with me because I don't want anyone touching my infant without me there to watch them (ok, so I'm a little paranoid, but who can blame me), unless, of course, it's family or people I can trust with him. duh. But ya, I start Monday, and I am very excited to make a little extra money, so that I can help pay off my student loans and perhaps get a pedicure. haha Jk about the pedicure. It should work out well, I hope.

Well, that's our update! :) Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and we have no clue what that plan is, but we know we are in the right place right now. We have truly been blessed with this job and my in-laws for letting us live with them for a little while. He has blessed us with a healthy, sweet little boy. We are a happy family. :)Ryker and his Daddy on the 4th of July!HAHA. Funny.

New England LINGO

Living in Massachusetts these passed (almost) couple months, I have learned a little bit about the New England lingo. Here are some words that I have always known to be and the New England versions. I started a list and hope to continue to add to it. HAHA
Purse is no longer a purse, it is a Pocket Book.
Tennis Shoes
are no longer tennis shoes, they are Sneakers.
is not garbage, it is simply Rubbish!
is not soda anymore, it is Tonic instead... what is that word tonic anyways?
A Stroller is called a Carriage.
A Shopping cart
is also called a Carriage.
A Shake
is not a shake, it is a Frap.
Chocolate chips are Chocolate bits.

Now, since I've known Joe, I have heard some of these terms before, but I added a few that I recently learned about. It's kind of fun!