Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's up with the Gebhardt's?

 So, I've been dreading a post since I've been really bad at keeping up with this blog!  I have so much to catch up on and say that I don't think I can put it all down! First I want to say, is it really almost June? Seriously? Ryker just turned 14 months.  Where has the time gone?

At the end of  April we took a trip to Mendon, Massachusetts (about an hour and a half away from where we live) to go to a zoo called Southwick's Zoo.  We had a lot of fun seeing the animals, and we even got to feed the deer!

 We think Ryker's favorite animal was the tiger.  He just kept watching it walk back and forth back and forth.
 Why hello there giraffe.  I think he thought we would feed them, but we weren't aloud because the giraffes are on special diets.
 Crossing the bridge with Daddy to go see the leopard!
They let Ryker pet the ponies that they used for the pony rides. Ryker put his finger in the pony's nose.  Gross, I know!  Don't worry, we washed his hands after!
Here's a video of a kangaroo.  When we first came into the zoo, the kangaroos were doing nothing but just laying around, but on our way out we saw them bouncing around, so we got a video.  Notice Ryker looks all tuckered out at the end of the video! haha

 Ryker tried pasta and spaghetti sauce for the first time. Don't be deceived. Although it looks like he ate all of his food, he did not.  He threw all but the piece he tried on the floor.  He doesn't like spaghetti! Hopefully that will change with time. Little Stinker!
 "Hand Mommy the Vaseline." Um, are you a doggy now? haha
 Joe's Sister Liana and I (and Ry) ran the Fast Chick 5k on May 5.  It was a lot of fun.  They gave us flowers at the end of the race. :)
 We ran into two of Joe's girl cousins and each of their two kids (hence, the double strollers), and I had Ryker test it out with his 2nd cousin Sophie!
Liana adores Ryker! I'm so glad he has such awesome aunts and uncles on both sides of the family!!!
 One day, I found Ryker asleep like this.
 Another day, I found him asleep like this.  I think my child is getting too big for a crib (he is huge).
 So, we have been getting A LOT of rain, so I've have a lot of frumpy work days (notice the hair).  I just figure why do my hair, if it will be ruined anyways....not that I really did much to my hair before anyways. haha!
We have been starting to get some nice warm days, so now more bugs and bees and all kinds of things.  Joe likes to swat the bumble bees in the backyard.... I guess his dad has problems with the bees ruining some part of the back of the house, so they have to either spray or swat them.
 Ryker got me these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day! :) Also, Joe got me some really nice tinted moisturizer (foundation that I love) that I wanted to try and some blush along with the traditional hot cheetohs.  It was a great mother's day.  We had family over and we cooked for Joe's mom!
 On May 19th, I did another race.  This time without Ryker or Liana.  It was a hard one for me for some reason.  I was surprised by the ankle chips they gave us that records our time.  I ran it in 31:40 which I was happy about.  I'm not the best at this running stuff, but I enjoy it!  I'm doing another one on Memorial day and another on June 20th (maybe).
 After the race, Liana invited me to go get a pedicure with her.  I was going to get a pic of us getting them, but the camera died while the lady was trying to take the pic! So here are my pink toes.  Don't pay attention to the sick veins.  I just took this pic last night after a boot camp class. Yikes.
 One night during scripture study and prayer, Ryker fell asleep on the hardwood floor next to our bed.  I guess he wanted to campout in our bedroom that night! :)
 Joe fell asleep with his favorite toy! haha Just kidding, but I thought this was funny.  Ryker left his toy on our bed, and Joe moved it so he could lay down and he fell asleep with it in his hand.  It made me think of a kids sleeping with his favorite toy. haha!
 Ryker loves Mommy's brush.  If you say "brush your hair" he'll take the brush and brush his hair.  He's so smart!
 Ok. I just cannot stop laughing at this pic.  It is hilarious! He looks like the fattest one year old around! jk. but he does look chubbier than he is! lol!
 Ryker loves having his Daddy throw him in the air...we can only do it a few times before our arms feel like they are going to fall off. That kid is heavy!!!

This past Tuesday we took a trip to the New England Aquarium.  Our friends had coupons for a 10 dollar entry (adults normally are 22 dollar a piece! Yikes), so that was nice of them to share!  It was raining a ton and we didn't bring umbrellas, so walking from the parking garage to the aquarium was interesting.  Poor Ryky had water all over his face and such, but he didn't seem to care.  It was barely chilly.  We had a fun time there.  Ryker had fun, but he really wanted to run around mostly.
 Ryker liked looking at the sting rays.  They were in a touch tank with sharks.  Ryker got to put his hand in the water. I was too nervous to let him touch a ray.  They are slimy!
Here is Daddy and Ryker looking at the jelly fish!
 Outside they had the otters.  They were laying around until some of them actually got up and made noises!
Ryker and I with the cool looking jelly fish.  It's a pretty blurry picture!
 Family pic with the stuffed sting ray.  Can you tell it was raining out?
Brown Eyes!
 Joe has this way with the fish.  He can communicate with them! haha Like 3 fish came up and looked at him! It was funny!
 This is the creepiest fish I have ever seen.  It still freaks me out when I look at it!  They call it the dragon of the sea!
This is Myrtle. She is an 80 year old sea turtle!
 This is the top of the ginormous tank that holds over 600 fish.  Interesting fact:  way back when this aquarium was built, they built this giant tank first and then built everything else around it!
Coming up for air!
 The penguin...staring right at me!
 Can you find the shark!? haha

So, Anyways! That's the latest on us!  My father-in-law is getting eye surgery on Tuesday, so I will no longer be working 3 hours everyday.  I'll only be working on Joe's off days! Yes!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini Golfing!

Tonight for FHE family activity, we went mini golfing with some friends.  It was so fun and such a nice mini golf course!  It was right next to a driving range, so Joe had some fun and hit a basket of balls.  He's pretty good! haha!  I didn't get any pics of the friends, but I did of us!  It is right next to a place called Richardson's Ice Cream, so we went and got ice cream after.  It was delicious! Also, it was warm earlier until the sun started to set and the wind started to blow, so it was a good thing we brought our jackets!  It was a beautiful day regardless!

Joe getting ready to hit his hole in one! (He really did get one hole in one!)  I like Ryker's face in the background!

Trying to hit a hole in one! (It never happened!)

Ryker posing in front of the golf course... I told him to do a serious pose!

Ryker being all comfy after... I just love that belly!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Ever since I fractured my knee those many years ago (4 and a half), I have had a hard time stretching it.  I've had a hard time grabbing my foot from behind, as shown in the pic below.  As I have gotten into running and working out within those last 4 and a half years, though, I have learned how important stretching can be.  It prevents injury and it makes you feel more flexible the more you do it.  Compared to what I could do a couple of years ago, I think my knee bends a little bit better, but I'm obviously probably never going to be as flexible as I'd like to be.  I wish I had a pic of what I could do before (pretty much nothing), but I guess this will have to be good enough for the journal!  Oh, and I threw in a pic of my workout buddy and I just for fun, and because I love him so much! :)

Please don't make fun of how ridiculous I look.  I was just trying to model my explanation of the stretch! haha