Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Break, Our Sunday, and a New Semester!

Well, we had a great break from school. We went down to Utah and Henderson. We only got to spend about two days in Utah all together and the rest of the time was spent in Henderson. Here are some highlights from the trip:
-We got to see gma and gpa Watts for the first time since they got back from the Mish...Joey met them for the first time ever.
-We played spoons with the family
-I got to spend a few hours with Kiki whom I hadn't seen since August. It was great times.
-We went to little Noah's birthday party and got to see good family and friends.
-We got to go to the Las Vegas temple with Dad and JoAnn
-We got to go to Brent and Shayla's to play games...we played the Celestial Marriage game. It was great fun, and it was good to spend time with Brent and Shay... and it was also great to finally meet little Baby Seth! He is sooooo cute!... oh, and Brighton is just as cute as ever and did I mention he's a genius?
-We got to play Yahtzee with the family.
-We got to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with Joey's Aunt Karen, Uncle Mark, and cousin Hilary.
-We got to go to 2 of Timmy's volleyball games--he's really good by the way.
-We got to go see Monsters vs. Aliens at the Rave theater with Joey's Uncle Mark.
-We got to play Donkey Kong Country, Tetris, and Mario World
-When we got back to Utah we got to play Round Trip to Europe or whatever that game is called with Matt and Darin... that is a fun game, and Joey killed us!
-On the way back up to Rexburg we had a great trip. It was fun. We went to the Idaho Falls Temple and we went to Red Robin. It was great to spend time with Matt and Mom.
I'm sure there were many more highlights, but these are the things that i could think of for now. We just appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. We are definitely grateful for a great family and great friends.
Our Sunday has been wonderful. We had to go meet with one of the counselors from the bishopric before church, and to our surprise we received a very exciting calling. We have the opportunity to serve as Church History Consultants. We are so excited and feel very blessed to get to learn and to teach others about Family History. It has been an emotionally draining day... in a good way of course. Joey and I also each have another calling and when we were in the meeting today, they said that they have heard nothing but great things about how Joe has been serving in his calling. I am so grateful for such a hardworking husband who always wants to do his best and wants to fulfill his callings to the fullest. He's the best! Anyways, the talks today were so great. I felt like they were speaking directly to me. It was all just great. Tomorrow is the first day of the Spring semester. I am kind of excited, and I am ready for this challenge. I haven't taken 17 credits together ever, so I'm definitely expecting a lot of hard work and study throughout this semester, especially now with our great callings. Of course, the calling with be a lot more fun than the schoolwork... haha jk, but seriously. It's going to be great though! Well, here are some pics from our trip. We wish we would have gotten more, but we aren't the best at remembering to take the camera everywhere we go. Love ya'll! oh, Happy Late Easter by the way!!!
Don't you love our style? haha jk
Luke's "I'm bad" look.
Playing knockout in the gameroom.
Elder Doubleday--> he is from Massachusetts like Joe. They have a lot in common.
Eating a delicious peanut butter rice crispy.

We played Yahtzee a few times. It was fun.

I know, I know... our shirts are very familiar. We don't have money to change our wardrobe yet.

Logan listening to the monitor for little baby Rexi.

Timmy loves doing the dishes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

School and other Miscellany...

Hello dear family and friends. It has been way too long! School has been up, and that's all. It'll be over next week thank goodness, but then it's back in April 22... I know, right? What kind of break is that? haha. I will be taking 17 credits... I will be taking the following: El Early Field (That's a class where you go to an elementary school and observe, I think.), Eng 313 (Advanced Writing Elem), Math 110 (College Algebra), Doctrines of the Gospel, Math 205 (Fundamental Number Theories or something like that), Ed 345 (Comp. Lit. 2). It'll probably be a busier than this semester, but I'm ready for the challenge. Bring it on!!! For this semester my grades are looking good! They're all A's except I think I have a B+ in my FDAMF class. Okay, enough about grades. So, I have my state lit. 1 test next tuesday. I was kind of nervous about it, but after the review in that class I think it should be pretty good. Now, the state lit. 2 and 3 might be hard! I finished my 60 books for Children's lit! woooo!! It was pretty fun to read a bunch of different kinds of books. We had to make cards for each book that we read and that was pretty fun. Joey is doing great in school like always... OH, Happy April by the way!!! This week has been good. Joe and I have been working our hard this week. I am not sure why, maybe just for fun or maybe just to relieve stress from school... haha. We are super excited to be going to my mom's next week and then to Henderson for the week we have off from school. We hope to be able to enjoy the warm weather!!!..... We most likely will. Oh, and the flat streets... we pretty much live on a giant hill!!! ... haha. So, a good few weeks ago we had Matt over for dinner. It was great fun. We had Matt's favorite burgers and chocolate milk.... 7 burgers... Matt 3, Joe 2, and me 2!!! On the first day of Spring, we had beautiful weather! but I knew it was too good to be true to stay that way... We've had snow yesterday and today. We are very excited because I am planning to be done with school hopefully by next fall. I want to get on fast grad (that's when you go all year around and you have to take atleast 15 credits each semester...) It's pretty great. I'll probably get on fast grad because you only have to have 50 credits, and by the time I apply for fast grad I will have 58 credits. Joe should be done this fall or next winter which is great!!! I can't wait to be finished! Anyways, sorry this blog is kind of boring. We haven't been up to much... it's been great though. And fun and exciting. Here are some pics to top this blog off....A pic of Matty
Okay, so funny story... So we were walking to the temple and it was really really windy (It gets pretty windy here in Rexburg) and so I was so scared that my skirt would fly up so I was holding my temple bag behind my skirt to keep it down. Well, as we were walking, my temple bag kept hitting the back of my legs and the result was a huge welt on the back of my right leg right under my knee pit. It's pretty much disappeared now, but it hurt and I just did not think that that would have causeda bruise. LOL!
What we ate for dinner tonight... spicy chicken fingers. yum!