Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!!!

Okay, so the last couple of days have been beautiful out and I only wish this is the beginning of spring, but you know in Rexburg you can never really be certain! Tomorrow it might be 30 below! Anyways, the sky is blue the sun is shining and I even saw some boys with short sleeves on! I couldn't do that... it's still a little too chili for that. It's definitely short sleeve weather for our brother Matt though. He truly is a warm blooded being. :) So anyways, school has been super overwhelming and midterms is next week. Yay! We're halfway through the semester! I have to have 30 books read by next Thursday and I've read 25 and am reading the 26th... pretty good if I do say so myself. (it's good for me atleast... I'm not one you see reading during precious free time) There's an older girl in two of my classes, and seriously she comes to class everyday with a different book in hand regardless of how huge the book is. That takes talent! I've found a love for reading, but not if it's a boring book. I've picked up a few of those at the library!

I also have some papers to write and since I am in FA 100, I have to go to one event tonight and another tomorrow night (band and choir). That will make 4 events out of 7, so I'm almost done! Ya baby! Matt's 22nd Bday is coming up soon and so we are probably going to have him over for dinner the Sunday before. We feel so bad because I always feel so busy and sometimes I'm kind of closed off from pretty much everyone except my husband, my professors, and my classmates. It feels like I'm always going and never have a break from schoolwork. It's okay though because I'm not paying for college to fail, so I might as well do well in school right? Plus, I value my education! So, Joey and I had a dream last night... a very similar dream. Joey had a dream I was pregnant and I had a dream that I found out I was pregnant and was very sick. Weird right? Maybe it's a sign! :) Okay, well on another note: I have found my new love... it's a jean vest and I just feel like wearing it everyday! haha... it was 4 bucks and I had some birthday money, so i couldn't pass it up! Well, I hope all is well with everyone! Hope ya'll are having a beautiful day as well!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here are some pictures from our Valentines Day! It was a good one! Hope everyone has/has had a Happy Valentines Day (regardless what the weather is like! haha)!!!
This is after we got to Winger's. I had my hair did so nicely until I had to walk in the snow... then it went flat!! haha

It was worth the walk! It tasted delicious!
This is after we went to Craigo's for dessert. We got a "Cookie Monster" it was delicious. As you can see by my face and pink things it was freezing out there!
Joey reading his card from me.
I got him his fave! Reeses!
I know I looked stoned!
My little baby roses!
Real roses, chocolate rose, I heart you chocolate! haha

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts! They mean a lot to me! I can't believe I'm 20!!!! My birthday was pretty good. Of course, I did have classes, a lot of homework, and studying but it was still great! Joey made it lots of fun! Hope everyone is doing well and good luck with everything!
This was my delicious birthday breakfast that Joe made for me! I look like I just woke up... probably because I did.
These are the gifts from Joey!
I got a new pink scripture case, a white undershirt, hot cheetohs (love), chocolate, and my favorite peanut m&m's.
This is another one of my faves, Matt got me some delicious gummy bears!
This is the pretty card from Joey. It was so sweet! My smile is crooked I know.
Joey and me.
My tiny little birthday cake! (it was yummy!)
Blowing out the candles!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I know, I know. It's been a very long time since we last blogged. I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark. School has been CRAZY. I feel like it is go, go, go! Never a break from anything. Well, I went to the health center again a few times and I got good news. I do not have anemia. They just don't know what's causing the big blood cells. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and they said that they could be a lot bigger. They want me to go back in March, though, to get the blood cells checked to see if they got bigger, stayed the same, etc. My upper and mid back has been bugging me today. Church was wonderful today. I felt the Spirit great. It has been very cold here and I guess it was in the negatives last week and what not, but this week there's supposed to be a couple of days when it is in the 40's so that oughta be nice--yes, short sleeve weather! haha jk. My English 355 class calls for reading 60 books by the end of the semester so I have a lot to read haha. Today is my father-in-law's 59th birthday. Last night we went to do initiatories for some family names and that was really nice especially since the temple will be closed for the next couple of weeks for cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, our stake is in charge of helping with that and we have the opportunity to help clean the temple this Friday. It should be a great experience. I did well on my first Literacy test and I have a couple more this week and so does Joey so we'll be living in the books this week. haha. Well, life is pretty good! I know I didn't have anything too exciting to say, but that's what happens when school takes over our lives! haha just kidding, but ya that's mostly what's been going on. School. :)