Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Just realized that Brent didn't actually mean send him a Big Jud burger pic, he wanted me to send him a REAL Big Jud burger. Whoops! haha

Big Jud Bid Deal!

On behalf of Brent's request, here are the Big Jud pics. I think that the first one is a double Big Jud, but we didn't get a double. That would be sooo much meat!!! Oh, and p.s., when we got there, I look over, and there is Matt with all his buddies. Matt said his friend Nate leaned over and said, "Matt did you invite your sister?" and they all look back and I waved like a crazy person. It was Awesome!
Some random guy!
It was so good! I was disappointed in myself though because I couldn't finish half of a Big Jud.
Joe enjoyed that thing thoroughly. He finished his. :)
The guy that we went on the double date with got a Big Jud and finished the whole thing, and then he forgot to get his picture taken. It was funny! Oh, and I just learned that it is Big Jud's, not Big Judd's.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am pleased to announce that next Friday is my last day of school (for the semester, of course)! The day after that, I have to take my Praxis exam, which certifies me to be a teacher. Hopefully I pass--those tests are not cheap! $220! Anways, I'll be testing from about 7:30 til 12:30 (with a 45 minute break between the tests). Anyways, enough of that. This past Wednesday marked the last day of preschool with the children... it was a bitter-sweet feeling. I would totally post a picture of our class, but I am not allowed to for privacy reasons. Those little ones were so fun to work with... oh, how I get attached way too easily. For the last day, we had a summer theme. The children learned about the seasons, eating (or drinking) refreshing treats, and summer activities. After we learned about summertime activities, we all went outside and had some of our own summertime activities. They Pretended to sell otter pops to college students with fake money... it was so cute. I was over the "fishing for prizes." There was also a water balloon toss, sponge relay, face painting, and a "trike" wash (rather than a car wash). There was also a sensory table filled with water for the children to play in. It was a great time! It couldn't have gone more perfect for the last day of preschool! In other news, I am 85% finished with Assessments and Evaluation!!! Woo hoo! It really has not been as bad as everyone made it seem... I'm learning so much in that class, and we found today that we're starting to make jokes out of what we learned... we sound like wicked nerds! BAHA! It's exciting to think that I can do well in a master's level course... it'd be cool to get a master's! We have three days of finals just for that class. On Monday, we have the first 50 multiple choice questions. On Tuesday, we have up to three hours to answer fifteen essay questions well-written! On Wednesday, we have the second 50 multiple choice question... then we are done. Wednesday will be a day of celebration... then I need to take my New Testament final on Thursday. Tonight Joe and I are going on a double date with his friend Bob and his girlfriend. We are going to BIG JUDD'S! Yes! We haven't been there since we weren't even engaged! We are definitely going to get a BIG JUDD burger... that thing his HUGE! It should be delicious. Tomorrow my friend Mary is having her bachelorette party... she is getting married next Friday, and I am so happy for her! She has become one of my good friends! Congrats Mary! :)This is Mary in Ecuador. She lived there for a semester to help in the orphanage... I just think this is the cutest pic ever!

I applied for my last semester of class... excited, might I add! I am taking my Kindergarten practicum (4 credits), Strategies (4 credits, a lot like assessments), Science Methods (2 credits), and Social Studies Methods (2 credits). In honor of my last semester of classes and just because I want to take advantage while I still can, I am taking two additional classes for fun! I am taking Fit for Life (2 credits, you learn all about the body and fitness) and a Piano class! :) (2 credits, I am super excited to finally use my keyboard! :) It is one of my dreams to play the piano well. It is also one of my dreams to run a half marathon... a marathon is way too much, but I could do a half marathon, maybe. I would like to run one one day. Maybe not for a while though. Anyways, life is good. Joe is working at Western Wats. Poor guy. It's not his favorite, but it's something. He is keeping himself busy, so that is good because I am always really busy. Anyways, sometimes I wish I was a millionaire so that I could just get a car and by tickets to fly anywhere I want to. There are many people I would like to visit right now... KT and her familiy, for example. It has been approximately two years since I've seen them. :( Tear! Love you all!!!!So, in honor of you KT! The best pic EVER!!! :) Love you sista!