Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weddings! :)

So I've been terrible at this blogging thing.  Every time I think to do it, I just don't feel like it!  So I am forcing myself to do it today!  So, among having Kaylee and Ryker turning two and the adjustment,  Joe's sister Liana got married, and so did Joe's oldest brother!!! So, now all the kids in his family are married.  It was like BAM!  Everyone's married now.  So, Joe's sister got married on February 9, the weekend of big blizzard.  They had driving bans and everything, but they lifted the ban just in time for her and Greg's beautiful white wedding.  They still had a very nice turn out and like I said, it was very beautiful! Here are some pics from their wedding day:
 I think this was at the end of the night after they had been dancing and getting all sweaty.  I'll have to find a fresher pic.  I found this on facebook because I only took pics of my kids.
The Blizzard Bride and Groom! :)
 Big boy Ryker eating his chicken finger meal!  Also, notice the cucumber.  They served him this huge salad, and he tried the cucumber and tomato and spit both out.  Then he proceeded to stab his cucumber with his straw.
She doesn't really look it, but Kaylee is tiny in this picture.  We were still trying to get her back to her birth weight here.

Joe's brother Rick and his wife originally got married on January 30th in Vegas, but they had a really nice reception on March 9!  Funnily enough, we had a bunch of snow the day before theirs too!  But it ended up being sunny and beautiful and melting mostly by the time the reception started.  Katie was so nice to let me join in on getting my hair and makeup done since one of her girls wasn't able to make it!!!  She said she had already paid for it, so she needed someone to fill it!  So that was really fun for me.  I felt like a princess! kinda.  Only because I felt like my hair was really fancy.  36 bobby pins later, here it is:

I know that is one ridiculous picture, but it is the only one of my makeup.  I felt like a clown because she put some color on my eye brows and I am not used to them being that dark (even though they aren't that dark, you usually can't see my eye brows haha)

Rick and Katie's reception was really fun and nice!  And they had delicious food!!! :)  Here is the happy couple now:

 They had two fun little room up two sets of stair.  One of them had polaroid cameras to take pictures of ourselves and attach it to a cork board with a message to Rick and Katie.  We took like 5.  It was fun.  Also this is the only picture I took with my camera the whole night.  I was trying to get Ryker to smile in the mirror, but he was on the move!
I stole this pic from someone on Facebook.  Kaylee slept the entire time even through all the extremely loud music!  It was a fun night!!! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our First Baby is Two!

I cannot believe that Ryker is two already!  He turned two on March 18th.  It has been such a joy seeing him grow and develop his own personality.  I enjoy watching him learn new things and am amazed how quickly he picks things up!  He is a little sponge!  He had a great birthday.  We actually celebrated like 3 times because Joe's parents had a combined party for him and his Uncle Steve, then I took him out to play on his actual birthday, and lastly, we celebrated with Daddy by going to Bonkers and opening presents with Aunts and Uncles!  I think he was a little bit spoiled this birthday, but I could not help myself! :)  Here are some pics from the festivities!

 I just thought this was cute!  Ryker thought that all his Sesame Street characters each needed a ball!
 He wasn't too thrilled about blowing out that candle! He wanted that cupcake!!!
 Playing with his bowling set from Mimi!
 Playing at Mall Tots on his birthday!
 Slam Dunk! Our little basketball player!
 Going down the giant slides at Bonkers!  He loved those slides!  He was very brave! Even I was nervous to go down those things!

 "I'm two!"

 He didn't see this movie.  He just wanted to sit in the chair!
riding on the dog!

So Ryker has really learned a lot in the last few months!  He absolutely loves the alphabet and loves anything to do with letters!  He also loves colors and knows all his colors (except brown).  He also knows most of the shapes.  His language is coming right along.  He is finally starting to say 2-3 word phrases, and it is helpful when we know what he is saying.  When we don't know what he is saying, it is easy for us all to get a little frustrated.  He still speaks his own language every now and again.  But the doctor said don't be surprised if his vocabulary just explodes even more very soon!  His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Super Why!  He loves loves loves books.  Every morning when he wakes up, he wants to look at books and before bed he wants to look at books.  He'll look at them all day sometimes!  He loves to play outside and throw snowballs.  He also loves slides (or "wee" as he calls them)!  He loves to give Kaylee kisses (my favorite thing) and when she cries, he says "what baby?"  His concern is so cute!   He loves to run and loves balls.  He loves football, and his new favorite is basketball!  When he thinks something is gross, he says "goss!"  He is a french fry ( fweh-fwhy) and ice cream (eye-eem) boy!  If he sees it, he wants it!  He loves nursery and he calls it "teacher" because he loves his teachers so much!  :)  He is a very busy boy, and we love having him in our family.  He has hit the terrible twos, so many days can be hard, but he is a sweet boy!  Love you Ryky!

We are a Family of Four!

We welcomed our beautiful little girl, Kaylee Mae Gebhardt on January 26, 2013 after my water broke at approximately 1:47 a.m.  Since we live with Joe's parents, we could just tell her we were heading to the hospital and leave Ryker in his bed.  I had to have a repeat c-section because of the way they closed me up when I had Ryker.  This time, they made sure to close me up in two layers, which was nice.  Originally she was scheduled to be delivered on January 28th, but it was neat that she came when she was ready instead.  Kaylee was born by 4:33 a.m.  She was 8 lbs 4 oz, 21 inches long and perfect in every way!  We love her so much!  The first couple weeks following the delivery was hard for me.  I had the baby blues, but once they went away, I felt like I was on cloud nine.  Joe had two weeks paternity leave, which was awesome!  I love all the benefits they give him and our family! :) My sister came for a week to visit mid February, which was super fun and helpful! :)  We are just adjusting to life with two children, and it has been quite the adventure!  A very busy little boy (who is now 2), and a newborn that is 2 months old!  She is such a sweet, sweet baby.  She is very healthy and has quite the lungs, is very strong, and very squirmy!  Now I am actually seeing what went on inside my belly!  My sister took some amazing pics while she was here.  I'm glad she came.  It went by too fast, and it was a blast having her here! 

 Our first family pic.  We had to give Ryker a cracker just to get him to sit for the picture.
 Sweet Kaylee fresh out of the womb.
 Kaylee lost 10 percent of her birth weight in the hospital, so we had to take her for weight checks at the doctor.  I think we went three times.  It took 3 weeks to get her back to her birth weight!  She had slight jaundice.  It took about that long to get rid of her jaundice as well!
 Beautiful girl!

 Our big boy!  He wasn't 2 in this pic yet.  He was almost 23 months!
 Ryker loves his little sister!
 You spend a lot of days in your jammies when you have a newborn at home! :)
 A Family of Four finally!  We feel like our family is complete (for now, anyways) now that Kaylee is here!
Love my sister! She is awesome!  I hope I can be as amazing as a mom as she is! Thanks again for all that you've done/ you do for us! Love you!

And here is Kaylee at two months old! :

She's growing! At two months, she was 11 lbs 2 oz and 23 inches long!  Glad she is growing well and that she is healthy!

 Late night feedings are tiring for both Momma and Baby!  Right at two months, Kaylee starting sleeping 7-8 hours a night and still is!  She is a great sleeper!  No complaints here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Surprise Baby Shower!

So, my sisters-in-law (including soon-to-be) and my mother-in-law had mentioned something a while back about going out to breakfast just us together to celebrate baby coming, so I assumed we would just have a small little family thing.  Little did I know, my mother-in-law was planning a surprise baby shower for me!!!  On Saturday, I had wanted Joe to take me grocery shopping because we were in much need of some, and he mentioned something about going to the book store (I love that place, too bad books are so expensive).  So we went, and when we got back there were a million cars parked out front and a pink balloon on the mail box.  I was so excited!  No one has ever thrown me a surprise anything!  Some of the cousin's kids were there too, so it was nice for Ryker to have some friends to play with.  All the food was delicious and my mother-in-law made her delicious home made chocolate cupcakes (my fave, and probably everyone's fave once they try it!).  We visited and had a very nice time, and then we got to the presents.  Joe came back from driving around for some food and to open gifts with me!  Oh boy, were we spoiled...or should I say this little girl was spoiled!!!  I had Joe's cousin take pics of us opening gifts.  She took like a million so I am not going to post them all, but I will post a few.  It was so nice, and I just want to thank everyone for everything! :)

 Getting ready to open gifts

 A few of the guests
 Joe's sister Liana was kind enough to write down all the gifts for me.  She wasn't feeling well that day either, so thank you Lee for coming and helping even though you weren't feeling well!
 Little Livi wanted to help us... she is such a sweetheart and was a nice little helper!
 We got TONS of diapers!  Which is great!
 A couple of friends and family even got me some gifts (too nice!) and even thought of the big brother, Ryker! :) Thanks!

 I just threw this one in because I like the creepy look on my face!
 Pretty pink rose blanket from Joe's Mom.  She got that girl a million things. :)
 More guests...

 My other sister-in-law Tracy was so cute.  She wrapped up each individual thing in tissue paper and tied them up with super cute ribbon.
 And since I didn't want to post all billion pics and since we got more than the pics say, I just took a pic of a few of the items. Enjoy!

 Joe's mom picked out the cutest bunting(I think that's what they call those full body coats for babies) and check out that ADORABLE swimsuit! :)
 Excited to put this to use!