Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The joy of traveling!

Well, we made it safe to Boston! It was a super long day yesterday. We were using buddy passes, so of course we were on standby. We were hoping to get the 7 a.m flight, but they only had one more seat when they called us. If we had checked in a little earlier than we did we would have been able to get on, but we weren't early enough. So, we stayed at the airport until the 11:15. We didn't take off until about 12. Our flight to New York wasn't too bad. We made good time. We got to New York around 7:30 (eastern time of course), but our next flight was supposed to be for 10:50, but got delayed until 11:15, but we didn't get on the plane until 11:30, and then we were in a long line of planes for take off, so I imagine we didn't take off until about midnight. Luckily that flight was much shorter. It seemed like 10 minutes. We arrived in Boston a little before 1 a.m. and then we got to Joe's parents house around 2:15. My lower back was killing me... I was in so much pain. I think it happens when I sit for too long, and I felt so tired and sick and wanted to just go to sleep. So, we were asleep by about 3. I was so happy to wake up to a much better back and felt well! We woke up at about 11. It was a loooong day yesterday, but we are grateful to be safe and sound in good ole Beverly. It's not hot here at all. It's actually kind of chili. I think it's in the 60's right now. Tomorrow it's supposed to get into the 80's.
We had a great time in Henderson! We are so glad we got to see everyone we wanted to see for the most part. We are also excited to say that we got to stay and be there for Benji's endowment. It was great. We were originally going to leave the 6th, but stayed til the 10th, and we both agree that it was much better that way! We are grateful for such a great family and good friends! We had a good time swimming and doing all that fun stuff! Also, we had a good time with my mom and Darin. They are so good to us. They are going to be taking us back up to Rexburg. They do so much for us!!! :) We are sad that we didn't get pictures with them, but we'll have to do that when we get back to Utah! We were excited to see Brent and Shayla and the boys! They are so cute!!! Shayla made a delicious breakfast dinner! Brent said there was so much extra sausage and I regret not eating more! I thought that sausage was so good! It was a good time though. We played loaded questions and Chelsea was there too! We were glad to get to be there for 2 weeks! Now we are here for most of the rest of the time. I'll try and keep you all updated as much as possible. Also, we wish we could see KT and her family!!! It has been WAY too long!!!! :(.
It's late, so I'm gonna get off, but I'll post pictures from Vegas tomorrow!!! Love you!!