Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Shower! :)

The baby shower was amazing thanks to Shayla and those who helped her put it all together (Mom and JoAnn). We ate some great food, admired some super duper cute decorations, played some super fun games, and Joe and I opened some great gifts. We couldn't believe how much Ryker was spoiled by all our great family and friends. We thank you again and love you all!!! :D If you want to see more pics of the wonderful occasion, go to facebook. There is also a video of us opening the gift from Joe's parents. It was AWESOME. We had them on skype during the baby shower, too. So check it all out!Isn't this banner amazing?!?! Shayla, you are amazing!!! :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life- Not Just a Delicious Cereal

I am 34 weeks today. We can't believe how fast time is flying. Baby Ryker will be here before we know it! Today I had my appointment. Everything is looking good. I go again in two more weeks. That's when they start checking for dilation...then it's every week until the baby comes. I am so so nervous! We still have a lot to do to get ready. The lady that I am tutoring for gave us a crib, a car seat (looks brand new!), and some baby clothes. She has a 5 year old and two two-year-olds (twins). She had triplets, but the last one passed away at 6 months old. :( It has been great to get all this stuff! We just don't have any of it ready. Also, she is going through more stuff and giving me more on Monday. She has some boppy pillows and stuff like that. We're excited.
I am at my new school now. I am loving it. This school only has 500 students, so it is really small compared to most elementary schools. Dooley has been open since 1989; I always thought it was a new school, but that's because hardly anyone knows of it. It is nice because we get done at 2:11, but I do have to be there an hour earlier than I did at Smalley. It will be great because my cooperating teacher lets me rest my feet when I need to and things like that. And because I am in special education now, there are more opportunities to be sitting and resting than when I was in the third grade classroom. I miss my other students though. :( I'm hoping I can get through at least to the second to last week of student teaching before Ryker comes. It would be so nice because then I won't have to make up any school. :) We'll see what happens! We are super excited for the baby shower coming up next Saturday. We have a wonderful family who does so much for us! Thank you all!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am almost 33 weeks. Yikes-a-bee! I can't believe how fast this time is going! We don't have ANYTHING ready!!! eeeek! This is my last week in third grade, then I move to Dooley Elementary to do special education! I can't believe I'm already halfway through student teaching! Crazy! I'll hopefully get an updated picture soon. If you want to see a recent one, go to facebook.