Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wow, it's been a while since I've posted a blog. Sorry guys. I've been telling my mom that I would, but I have had a hard time getting to it. Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged. Two weeks ago we had Matt and his roommate Adam come over for delicious dinner. We had a bunch of yummy breakfast foods and they seemed very hungry so it was good to fill up their tummys. Matt even had some chocolate chip ice cream at the end. Joe made the delicious bacon. Joe and I registered for next semester's classes. I'm kind of excited, but I know that when the semester starts that eventually I'll want it to be over... it's just how it always is haha. Well, my classes are going to be a handful. They are: Children's Lit (I heard it was lots of fun), Writing Foundations, FA 100 (for 0 credits), the second half of Book of Mormon, Comp Lit 1, and American Foundations. It's 14 credits, but I wanted to fit another class in, but a lot of classes either clashed with the ones I had or they weren't available anymore. It's okay though! So I went back to the Health Center for my follow-up to see if the iron supplement was helping and it turns out that the iron wasn't helping the anemia so they got some more blood work from me because they were thinking it might be the B12 vitamins. I went back this passed Friday and they still can't seem to figure it out because my B12 is average, but she said they will still try B12 shots for me because some people need more B12 than others. So I got my B12 shot and I have to get another in a couple of weeks. They also want to do some other tests on me like a thyroid test and some test to check my intestines. I'm not sure what other tests were mentioned, but they are testing to see if the B12 shots make a difference and if they help than they will know that it's the B12 that is causing the problem. How fun does that sound!? haha I've been feeling great though so that's good! Joey did the sweetest thing for me on Saturday. He couldn't sleep so he got up kind of early. I slept in and when I woke up I smelt bacon! Joey made me breakfast and it really meant a lot for me! We also went to the gym and walked to Dairy Queen. It was fun. Later, we went to the temple to do initiatories and got 26 names printed out. We did a lot of family history and are really excited! We are having lots of fun and are looking forward to going to Utah tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hair Doo!

Last night I decided to braid my hair after I got out of the shower just for fun. Well, this morning I took it out and I was surprised at how it looked! So, if you're ever feeling kinda lazy like I was just braid your hair wet at night (or whenever) and take it out the next morning! (..or whenever it is dry) All you gotta do it take it out, part it, and fluff it a little! haha... It's an easy hair doooo! Okay, so plenty of people probably know this and what not, but I'm a little slow... and plus I didn't think it'd work out well for me... anyways! I'm sorry, I probably seem really vain, but I'm not really I promise... there's just some things that I never knew! haha. Today was a good day. Still a little sick, but feeling better. I read a little bit and now I'm cooking barbecue chicken for dinner and waiting for my hubby to get back from class!!! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yay for the Holidays!

I am so excited it's November!!! I love this time of year more than any other!!! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two most favoritest holidays ever!!! I've noticed that for the past week or so or something I've had Christmas songs in my head! I love it. Every now and again for the past like three weeks Joe has blasted Christmas songs from his computer... sometimes to get him in a happy mood about doing homework, to cheer me up, or just for fun! :) So, last week Joe was sick with a nasty cold and is now getting over it. Now I'm starting to feel pretty nasty myself since yesterday morning. Yesterday we had a hard day... we aren't sure why, but once we made it to the temple things were all better! Going to the temple just solves everything!!! haha. When we got back I talked to my mommy and Joey did some homework for Business Communications. It was a pretty productive day after the temple! Oh ya! and our friends Richard and his wife Stacy took us to the grocery store! It was very nice of them. Oh, and they said that HSM3 is awesome and I look forward to seeing it! I wish I could get Joe into it, but that's okay! I'm not gonna make him watch anything that will torture him haha! So, this morning I was feeling pretty awful and we accidently slept in until almost 9. Sad, I know, especially since we had an extra hour to sleep! haha so we didn't get to shower or anything. We went to sacrament meeting but came home after that. It was pretty good to hear all the great testimonies of the people in our ward. I really felt the Spirit! Also, our bishop announced that for the first time ever our ward is having a primary! There's a cute little boy in our ward who is about to be old enough to be in primary. So! The primary presidency was called and sustained. It was great. I love little children and it's so exciting to see our ward have a primary... even though it's one little boy... that doesn't matter! haha. Also, lots of new babies are coming in too, and that's pretty cool. So, after we got back from church I rested. Joey was so sweet to me. The light was on and he hit the light and came to me and said, "Hunny, you get your rest. You need it. I'll make you lunch at two!" Aw! Isn't that sooooo sweet?! So, he made me one of my favorites! Chili with cheese!! mmmmm! mmmmm! Also, we were supposed to have my brother Matt and a date come and have dinner with us. We were going to have a bunch of breakfast food for dinner. Eggs, bacon, toast, waffles!.... mmmmhmmmm I know, it sounds soooo good! Anyways, so I canceled and set it to next Sunday because we don't want to get them sick. We're super excited to have them over for dinner! It will be sweet! Oh, and speaking of my brother Matthew, congratulations to him for getting a sweet scholarship that will be paying half of his tuition! WOOT!