Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh How Great it is to Save Money!!! :)

On Friday I just wanted to drop by the mall to see the deals but we didn't want to be there too long, and we ended up going to Kohl's. Well, come to find out, they were having huge sales! We had to be somewhere for dinner with Joe's family so it was a quick shop! I only got two things, here's what I got:
This sweater was super cute and I just wanted it. They also had solid colored ones in black and white, and a lime green one like the one I got. It was originally 40 bucks and I got it for 17.
I don't know why this picture wouldn't post the right way, but I was looking for a black skirt and I didn't have much luck and then I found this. It's cuter on than in this picture. It was originally 44 bucks, but I got it for 4 bucks and it was the only one and just my size! SWEET deal right?!?!
This is how the sweater looks. I wore it today, and it is super comfortable! If I were to buy these both full price (which I wouldn't haha), than it would have been a whoppin' 84 dollars! But, since I got the sweet deals, I saved 63 bucks! yay!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Even More Christmas time!!!

I think I'll write a little. The steak dinner was delicious, but right now I feel like I gained 20 pounds, for I drank some egg nogg, and topped that off with 2 huge chocolate cupcakes, and an oreo shake! Joey and I danced a slow dance tonight. It was wonderful! Happy Christmas!
Stocking stuffers.... lots of socks and chocolate.
Joey surprised me with a rose on Christmas eve!
This is my Christmas eve present!
Our lovely stockings. Joey's is hangin soooo low.
Me and the gifts from Liana.
Me and the other gifts.
More presents... I was on the phone with Mom and Miiko. haha!
Steve and Christine opening a gift.
The kitchen after our delightful steak dinner!
Fatha Gebby and Paul

More Christmas time!

Joey's oldest brother Ricky!
Liana and Paul--his eyes are closed. yikes!
Mom and Dad Gebhardt opening the gift from me and Joey
That's what we got them... a foot bath! It heats, massages, and bubbles!
Liana opening her gift from us. They were slippers...
Rick and Steve opening their present from us...
A sweet 50's popcorn machine!
Our gifts from Liana
uh justa...
get this tape off!
Nice! Christmas Socks, Made of Honor, panties, and lip gloss!
Joey got a beanie, boxers (lol), and a shirt that says "the gangster of love"
Joey and I opening our gift from parents
Sweet! A cordless phone!
The mess!

Christmas Time

(left to right) Christine (Steve's girlfriend), Steve, Paul (Liana's boyfriend), Liana, me (what the heck am I doing? I thought they said a funny pose and I guess I was wrong), Joey, Dad Gebhardt, Mom Gebhardt, and Ricky. This was at the family Christmas party last Saturday. It was pretty fun!
This is of just the Gebhardts... I almost forgot that I was supposed to be in this picture.Joey and I in front of the Christmas tree at the party. Like my coat? It's an early birthday present from Momma Gebhardt. LOVE it.Another shot.
We had a snow storm last weekend. It was soooo cold, and I shoveled lots of snow with Joey and his parents. It was a great experience!It was A LOT of snow. Notice the mailbox! You can barely see it!Last Sunday the water in Beverly went out, so Joe's dad got some snow and....decided to melt it into water on the coal stove for the toilets. It turns out a snow plow hit a fire hydrant so the water wasn't out too long!This is a restaurant/bar named the Anchor. Joe's dad took us there a couple of times for breakfast. Joe's dad goes almost everyday in the week for breakfast. We noticed they had stocking hanging all around for the employees, so we did a little service project...We wrapped up 50 Book of Mormons. haha! Santa Claus visited them this year!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! I have a lot to catch you up on, I know, but I'll have to do it later! I just wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope it is wonderful for everyone! I'll probably post more pictures tonight! Joe's siblings will be here soon and we will be enjoying a nice steak dinner! Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Oh ya, and remember: Christmas is not over until the new year!!! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

An Update.

It's been a fun time so far in Beverly, Massachusetts. Tuesday we slept in. That was GREAT. Joe's parents took us to Papa Gino's for dinner. It's a pizza place. It's pretty good! Wednesday morning we went with Joe's dad to The Anchor for breakfast. Some of Joe's cousins and their kids came over for dinner. (I guess they come over every Wednesday and Joe's mom makes dinner and what not) One of his cousins, Jaimie, has a 7 month old daughter and she is adorable. She's always so happy. :) Also, his cousin Carrie has a daughter who I believe is a year and a half. She is also cute and is super smart. Anyways, Joe's mom made Spaghetti and we really enjoyed it. After that, Joe and I hit a couple of malls and shopped a little. It was fun. They have a huge mall in Burlington, it's grand. I really enjoyed the scenery! Yesterday at 2, we went to lunch and after that we went by the missionaries to get some Book of Mormons. After that we went to the Peabody mall. This time it was to pick me out a coat. Joe's mom really wants to get me a coat for my birthday, so she just had me go pick it out. No success wa sat the Peabody so then we headed over to the Danvers mall. Definitely no success there. We then made our trip to the Burlington mall. Traffic was awful. What could have been about a 20 minute drive ended up being an hour. It was kind of fun though. I finally found the coat I wanted after looking forever at Macy's. We got home pretty late, but it was a lot of fun! This morning Joe's dad made us his delicious breakfast. We prepared for the winter storm that started at noon today. I ran on their treadmill which was nice also. We've been in all day because it has been snowing lots. We ordered a pizza and had it delivered. Overall it was a pretty good day! Tomorrow is the Christmas party and we're excited! Merry Christmas all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas weekend!

Well, we made it to Mass! but before I explain our travel adventures, I would first like to talk about the weekend!
The weekend was pretty fun! We were supposed to be picked up by my mom on Saturday to go to her place for the weekend, as we had a flight in Salt Lake on Monday. Well, she found out that there was supposed to be lots of snow on Saturday so she came on got us Friday around 3. They brought us 2 chairs, 2 DVD holders, and our big Christmas present. We decided to wait until we got back from vacation to open that. :) After we got Matt's stuff packed up and our packed up we left. We had pizza from Little Caesar's on the way. It was delicious! When we got home mom had to go straight to work and so we did the usual night routine and then went to sleep. Saturday was pretty fun. We woke up to it snowing and it snowed most of the day. Luke, Joe, and Darin went out to shovel the snow while I did who knows what. Matt just ate cinnamon toast crunch. We all played crazy canasta and that was pretty fun. It was too long for Matt though haha. Mom, Joe, and I beat the other team, but we like to let them think that they won. LOL. Joe and I went to the mall and walked around. We ate quarter pounders and fried from McDonalds and then Joey got a blizzard with reeces (he ordered it with m&m's too, but the big slows didn't put them in there) and I got an orange julius! It was delicious! Sunday was pretty great also. We woke up to almost a foot of snow! So we were racing around trying to get to church on time. Church was great. Sadly, mom was sick so she couldn't make it. When we got back I shoveled with Joe and Luke. It was actually kind of fun! But I guess if you had to do it everyday it wouldn't be so fun anymore. Joey grew shoveling the snow. haha. I did not. and I am glad. I do not like the snow anymore. LOL. It's pretty though. A little while after we were done with that, we had a delicious ribs, mash potatoes, and green bean caserole! Look at my mom's blog for pics of that. haha. ---Joey just found out that he got the highest score on his business law final and set the curve for the class! woo go Joey!--- So anyways, after that we played hollywood rumi. It was fun. I lost. LOL. After that mom made some delicious fudge while we packed up for our travels. We later opened our individual gifts from Mom and Darin! It was really sweet of them! Joey totally loved his scripture case and I totally love my sweater!!! Thanks guys! there are some pics below. haha Monday morning we got up at 5:30 and got everything ready. We left the house by about 6:45ish maybe earlier, and got to the airport by 7:15. It was great. No line to get our tickets and check baggage. No line to go through security. It was great. Totally stress-free. We also noticed that everyone was so nice. Usually there's someone pretty moody in the security line.. I tend to take a long time to get my stuff in and out of bins. We think it must be the Christmas season! We stopped and picked up a sandwhich and chips because we'd be starving from flying all day. We flew to vegas and stayed on the plane to fly to New York. That flight was PACKED. it was kind of annoying, but it was okay. Everyone was so nice. These people had baby boy twins behind us. And behind them there was a lady with a baby boy. They were pretty quiet for the almost 4 hour flight. Once we got to New York we got off the plane and then got back on to go to Boston haha. We were surprised how warm it was here and in New Work compared to Vegas! It was almost in the 60's last night!!! It's colder today though. So it took over an hour for the last flight to take off. We were in a long line of planes that had to take off. We were like the 17th. It stunk. We hadn't even lifted off yet and my lower back was killing me and my knee was too. I think it was because we had been sitting almost all day and it needed to be stretched and moved around. It wasn't fun. We were finally lifted off and the flight went by quick. It was a LONG travel day and I was glad when we finally arrived at Joey's house with some chicken fingers and fries from Nick's Roast Beef. It was delicious. We went to bed at almost 1, and slept in til 10:30. It was great. We're having fun so far lol. Joe is going to the dentist really soon, so that is why I am rushing and probably not making any sense! haha! Merry Christmas everyone! PS don't you love our sense of bedtime fashion below?? haha JK!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

On Monday morning we woke up to some beautiful white snow! Although I really wasn't thrilled about the freezing weather, it was still nice to look at! I was really enjoying the nice weather we'd been having! Oh well! the real Rexburg weather has to come sometime!! There's no escaping it! haha. Also, on Monday I did a lot of walking and I worked out, so by the end of the day my legs were worn out and Joe's brain felt fried after studying, group meetings, etc. After I worked out I came home and made two boxes of brownies for Joey's class and then I went to the laundry room to iron our clothes for the temple Tuesday. I feel so busy this week! I have a lot of goals to accomplish this week including sending out the Christmas cards, cleaning, get vitamin B12 shot (check!), and etc. LOL. Yesterday we went to temple sealings with our ward. There were 3 couples and 2 women without their husbands. It was a good experience. Walking there was terrible though. We thought we'd be fine just walking there because we didn't think it'd be TOO cold, but come to find that it was SUPER windy which makes the cold even more miserable. I wasn't wearing stockings or anything so having the wind against us, my legs were sooooo numb! When we finally got to the temple and I went to change my legs were BRIGHT red. It looked bad haha, but it was nice to be in the warm temple. It was fun and it was worth the suffering to get there. The way back was much better because the wind wasn't blowing so thank goodness for that. After that, I went to go get my B12 shot while Joey was studying and when I came back my arm that I got the shot in was hurting so bad and I felt tired. Joey left early for class because him and his partners wanted to practice for their presentation before class. I went to pay my health center bill and then came and worked on the dishes. After Joe got back, I worked on Christmas cards and helped him study for the second half of his final. It was great. Well, that's about it for now! Oh ya, we live on a big hill so when we walk down it, it can be pretty scary... there's snow and ice! I've slipped a couple of times, but I have yet to fall all the way since I've been in Rexburg! woo!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Mushy show of affection"-- haha Love you, Mom.

Yay. Time to blog. My favorite! This passed week was a good one. Joey had a lot of school work to do. He had a huge project with two partners that was kind of stressful because they were having hard time coordinating meeting times and splitting the work. Let's just say his partners are procrastinators.... but it's over and all good. Saturday he had a big final that was pretty hard. What have I been up to? well, I can't really remember what I did all week. haha I have such a bad memory sometimes haha. Oh, on Monday our friend Mike took us to the grocery store. We got enough to last us til we go out of town. oh ya! on Wednesday morning after Joey kissed me goodbye to go to his Gospel Doctrines class (I was pretty much asleep in bed haha) he popped back in and was like you got a birthday present and tossed it on the bed, and I was like "what?" and then Joey just had to hurry to class. So I dragged my bum out of bed thinking, "since when is my birthday December 3rd?" I was so confused. Anyways, it was from the Relief Society. My guess is that they read my birthday as 12/3/1989 inestead of 2/3/1989, but I just don't get it because I'm not gonna lie my handwriting is usually eligible. So, that's what the picture below is. haha. It was a pretty good surprise and I felt special lol. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I went to the gym. I was on a role. I planned to go Saturday but didn't make it. Oh well. I'll make it up this week. Saturday was pretty fun. I made yummy breakfast for Joey... kinda a good luck wish for his Business Communications final. We went to the library after that and Joey took the test. After that, we went and ate pizza at Tomissito's, then Joey had to go meet his partners to plan their presentation, so I went home and was planning on hitting the gym but I remembered that I had a bunch of laundry to do.... SO I did that instead haha. We went to Dairy Queen... funny story. Only the drive thru was open because they were remodeling inside so luckily our good friends Sandy and Will let us use their car and we just ate in the car, then we had to run over to Walmart to get some milk, etc. Today was a great day. Church was great. Joey bore his testimony and I don't know why, but I just bawled... weird, I know. I hardly ever cry haha. It was great though. We left after Sunday School though because Joe was feeling under the weather so we came home and napped. Joey slept about 2 hours. I don't know how long I slept. Not that long though. I had a surprise visit from one of my best friends, Erin Kiffe. It was great to have her over and to chat and catch up. It was funny, she said she was sick of living with a bunch of girls. I said, " girrrrrl, I know whatcha mean!" Later, while dinner was cooking, Matt stopped by to bring my scriptures and hoodie to me (I left them in Nate's car) and to pick up his Christmas money from Gma and Gpa Brunner. He ended up staying about an hour and a half talking about his roommates, life, etc. We really enjoyed having him over for a while and it was good to talk to him! He's a great brother! I'm glad he has lots of siblings to talk to especially if he needs to vent about something. lol. It was an overall great week, and we are super excited to go to Kaysville for a few days and then to Boston! Although I won't get to be with my side of the family and I'll miss them, I know it will be a fun time! Merry Christmas everybody!