Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Months Old!

Well, our baby boy is 10 months old (yesterday)! We cannot believe how time has flown and that he will be a year old in two short months! As you can see from the above pic, his 10 month old pics were taken in his diaper. I thought it was appropriate since he loves being in his diaper... I think he misses those Summer months! (haha) He has really grown up so fast and just in this last month, I have seen his personality blossom even more! He's such a sweet funny little guy!
Ry at 10 Months:
loves walking (especially when he has an audience to clap and say "yay Ryker!"
loves getting into cupboards and loves doors
loves anything that makes noise
is really enjoying feeding himself table foods (he loves Cheerios)
loves his family (they are his favorite and best friends)
is a beaver (literally, he tries to bite his way through his wooden crib haha)
now has 6 teeth (with 2 more on the way)
loves babbling
loves singing and dancing (check out video below)
knows what "no" means
points at pictures in books
loves looking at books (and turning pages)
wants whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating
is so pleased with himself when he accomplishes something (He walked from one couch to the next--about 6 feet apart--and when he made it he just smiled and laughed and got so excited)
waves his arms around when he is excited
does this cute little fake laugh when he hears an adult laugh

He loves chords (as all babies do!) He has such a funny personality!
He enjoys pulling his diapers off of his diaper changing table. I put them back up there, and then I enjoy watching him throw them off one at a time. :)
Well, you know how Ry is kinda tall? Well, now that he's walking around, he loves pulling things down that he can reach
He is obsessed with opening and closing doors...he just loves doors so much.
His hair is just like BAM! It's really starting to come in. I'm afraid his first haircut is right around the corner. I love how it is curling up. It looks like he has wings on both sides of his head.
Ry has most recently developed a clingy-ness to his mommy. He'll crawl (or walk) over to Mommy's legs and look up to be picked up. When others are holding him and Mom comes into view he will lean toward her. I'm pretty sure it's because he spends most of his time with her though!
I just thought this pic was funny! He is wearing Daddy's Boston Red Sox beanie! Go Sox! (haha)

Here is Ryker walking a few days ago

Here is Ryker dancing during snack time (when we say "dance, dance, baby!" he usually dances)

Didn't even notice until today that he was dancing to the same exact song in his room. This was yesterday--10 months! Also, if my sisters would please check out his onesie! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is a video of everyone clapping for Ryker after he opened some books from Santa. He was looking at everyone like "what the heck?" Funny!

Ryker is now taking steps! :)

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Ours was low key. We went to my brother-in-laws place from 4-7 on New Years Eve and just visited with family. Unfortunately Joe had to work, but Joe got paid triple time, so we aren't complaining too much. We had him for Christmas! :) We're just counting all our blessings Heavenly Father has given us, and surely income is one especially at this time! Having a healthy son is also one of the many blessings we recognize. During this new year, I have made some goals, and I am excited to try and accomplish them in 2012! Can't believe it's already 2012! Here is a pic of Ryker I think on New Years Eve Eve! I failed to get any on New Years Eve or New Years. Here's to a great year! Happy 2012!
Cute little boy on New Years Eve Eve!

I just wanted to throw this one in because Ry is looking at the camera. He was actually being cuddly! Which I love! :)
Hmmm... we have to have someone take more pics of all 3 of us together. We don't have enough of those!


We had a great Christmas! I think it was more fun for all the adults to watch Ryker on Christmas than it was for him, but I'm pretty sure that's how it always is when a child is so young! Joe's siblings loved spoiling their first and only nephew. :) On Christmas Eve, a couple of Joe's cousins and their kids came over for dinner and we opened presents. It was fun for Ryker to play with the other kids. :)
Presents from second cousins! :)

On Christmas day, we went to church first since it is at 9 and we have to leave our house by 8:30 to get to Sacrament meeting on time. It was a wonderful Sacrament meeting. It was so nice to remember the true reason for the season! We sang all the Christmas hymns too. We really felt the Spirit! Oh, and we saw snowflakes fall in the window behind the pulpit! Beautiful! After church, my father-in-law made us some delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we opened our stockings. It was very fun for us. We waited until early evening to open gifts so that all Ryker's Gebhardt aunts and uncles could be there. We really had a nice time together. Ricky's (my bro-in-law) girlfriend, Katie, got me a beautiful mother's necklace. It has a heart on it with an R for Ryker. When Joe and I have more children, we can add other letters on it. It was a very nice gift! Also, I didn't get any pics of Joe and his gifts, but I got him a mousepad with our family pictures on it, hair trimmers (nice ones), and Ryker got him a robe! We had a delicious family dinner after that, and I said the blessing on the food. My father-in-law wanted either Joe or I to "say grace" before we started eating. I love moments like these where we can show our family what we do often! :) Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we were blessed to have! :)
Here is Ryker Christmas morning. "Dad! Wake up! It's Christmas morning!"
On Christmas Eve, we opened our Christmas jammies. This is Christmas morning as you can tell by our puffy faces.
Our stockings!
Cute little boy opening his first stocking!
Ryker helped Daddy with his too.
Ryker with some of his Christmas loot and Daddy!
Ryker would get so excited when Joe ripped off the wrapping paper!
Ryker gave his Gebhardt aunt and uncles each a frame with their picture in it! Here is his Aunt Liana and her frame! (the guy next to her is her boyfriend, Greg...Ryker calls him Uncle Greg)
Here is Uncle Ricky and his frame! (and his girlfriend Katie!)
Uncle Steve and his gift! (his fiance Tracy wasn't there :( she was in Rhode Island with her Aunt)
Here is most of Ryker's loot!
My mother-in-law got me a cute cardigan! She knows what I like! :)
Joe got me a beautiful watch! The picture does not do it justice! Since Joe takes our phone to work, it's nice for me to have something to tell me the time. :)
This is a great gift! Harry Potter calendar! I've been really into Harry Potter lately since I started reading the books. I just finished number 4 and am waiting for 5 to arrive from Amazon! We've been watching the movies after I finish each book. I have to fill Joe in on all the things they skip in the movies! :)