Sunday, July 19, 2009

P.S. Funny Story

So, I was going around delivering notes to some apartments, and I went to pass our friend Bill's apartment (He's the kind man who lets us use his sweet truck to buy groceries and other things), and he was like "congratulations!" and I was like "what?" and then he told me he found our shopping list in his truck. I was thinking of the things that may have been written on it, and this guy from our ward that was there chatting with him was like, "are you pregnant?" and I was like "what? no!" and then Bill was like, "prenatal vitamins?", and I was like, "Dude, you can take those before, during, and after pregnancy." And then later he was like well, congrats anyways. And then I just told them that I have been taking prenatal vitamins since like last May or June because my Women's Health teacher told us to start taking them. So, to make a long story short, Bill thought I was prego because I was buying some prenatal vitamins. False!

*craves oreos!*

Hello Family and Friends!
I made it through last week, and everything went well! I feel like my confidence in teaching and getting in front of people is boosting!!! I aced my Math 205 test (yes!), and my presentation on autism went well, and my 30 minute lesson on maps went well too! All I have left is 4 days of class, 3 assignments, and 3 finals! Yes! Oh, and I think I did okay on my state tests. The first one seemed easy, but I hope I didn't fail the second one. HAHA! We are excited to go one vacation here pretty soon! We can't wait to see a lot of the family!!! We will be in Vegas on the 27th, and we'll probably head to Boston around our anniversary or something. We are going to decide in Vegas because we will just be using buddy passes and getting on whenever we can. So, everything here is going well! The weather is beautiful and I feel like I want to wear shorts and flip flops to class, but I can't! and that is okay! because class is only 4 more days! Joe had all his finals last week, so he is done except for a couple things! LUCKY! Anyways, I better eat lunch before it's time to go to church! Love all of you!!!! Oh, and for the record I am NOT pregnant yet, so hold off on the excitement haha.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today has been a busy, yet great day!!! Here's how my day went!
8:20- wake up and get ready for presidency meeting
9:40- get a phone call from stake asking Joe and I to meet at 12
10:00-presidency meeting
11:00-visiting teaching meeting
11:30-leave VT meeting early and rush home to be visit taught
11:47-say thanks and goodbye to visiting teachers
12:00-meet with stake presidency-Joe gets called as ward clerk
1:30-sacrament meeting
2:30-teach family history
3:30-Relief society
4:30-church ends
4:45-Joey gets set apart
5:00-stake relief society meeting
6:00-dinner :)
It was a great day and a very spiritual one at that!
Friday and Saturday Shade was having a big blowout sale at a middle school down at the end of the street that has the temple on it, and they seriously had some great deals! I got two pairs of capris, 3 maternity shirts (get them while they're cheap!), and two t-shirts. If I got everything at original price (which I wouldn't), the grand total would have been 201.50, but I got all of it for 39.00, saving $162.50!!! WOOHOO! Two more weeks of the semester!!! I can't wait til this week is over! I have two state tests, a math test, a presentation, and a 30 minute lesson I have to teach. I'm nervous, but it will be okay!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scary Dreams!

Have you ever had the most terrifying dreams? I usually never have very scary dreams--usually they're manageable, but last week I had two very scary dreams. In the first dream--it sounds corny--but Benji was flying one of those small airplanes, and I watched it crash and go up in smoke. I was devastated. I bawled uncontrollably and my Aunt Lori was trying to comfort me, and I sobbed and said, "he was one of my best friends!!!", and I woke up with the most awful feelings and I was bawling and Joe asked me what was wrong and I told him the whole story, and even though I knew it was just a dream I continued to cry and I think it was because it felt sooo real. In that same dream, Logan had to get stitches in his eyes because of "me". I don't know what I did, but both tragedies were my fault. My next dream, which I had the other day, was finding out that my mom died. Again, I was devastated, and woke up crying. I asked my mom if she was getting enough rest because these dreams felt so real. I think I had these dreams because the subject of death has come up a few times, with Michael Jackson dying, that lady Farrah, and the student in our school that drowned in the snake river. Some of my friends knew him and they have expressed how happy they are to know that it is not the end. They will see him again. Anyways, ya those dreams were very scary and sad and I would love to not have dreams like that again. In other news, I was recently called into the Relief Society Presidency as Secretary, and I am very excited to serve and get to know many of the sisters in my ward. I feel like this is a great way to better myself and to learn and grow. I haven't been released from my Family History calling, so Joe and I are still teaching those classes. It's great fun. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!!! We did. We got our own fireworks and set them off and all that fun stuff. School has been crazy, and we are excited for the semester to be over in a few weeks!