Saturday, April 12, 2008


Okay so we got my laptop working now so now i can post the pics! Here they are!


So! As most of you all know I am engaged now! The picture that I sent out was pretty much very blurry so i got some better pictures of my engagement ring. I really love it. I think Joe did a great job. I can't be on too long, but I'll just quickly tell how he asked me. Yesterday we went out for lunch and then he asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. So we walked on campus and then we were walking through this path where the pretty gardens were and we went and sat on this bench. We were talking and talking some more and then he caught me off guard and got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and said, "Cynthia Nelson, will you marry me?" and then I smiled really big and kinda screeched and gave him a huge hug and said yes, and then he put the ring on me. I just love it! Anyways, I'm in Layton right now and I only have a small time limit on this computer, but here are some pics! Oh by the way! No, I did not cry!!!
P.S. I have pictures but this dumb computer won't let me put them on here yet so stay tuned I'll have some up soon! Love ya'll!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book tag!

My sister Kerstin tagged me with a book tag.

To complete it, you must:

1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3.Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
5.Tag 5 people

"This revelation was not an explanation, however, of how men could solve their domestic and international difficulties."

The closest book to me one on the kitchen table. It's my church history book called "Church History in the Fulness of Times". It's a great book!

hmmm... Now i tag Karrae, Theresa, Shayla... well, whoever wants to do it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hello! hmmm... i think i blog on this so much because i find excuses not to do homework! haha! I think it helps me get into the zone! So! Today has been good, I did well on two tests, but i feel like I just have so much more to do! (because I do) and I need to study super super duper hard for my biology test. I want to ace that thing! Also, my Education 200 test sounds like it will be hard! So... today myah and i woke up after 10 because we're lazy and we like to sleep.... no i'm kidding, but I think either a) sleep is catching up to us or b) it's because we woke up several times in the night because it was hot. I am not sure what else I should talk about. Oh! Mark came over today and studied with us for music and then he took us to our storage unit place to sign the contract, but it wasn't open because it's monday, and then he took us to walmart and we got boxes for the move and some junk food since it's finals week. We need chocolate! I know I have some run-on sentences and what not, but you don' t gotta tell me because I'm just don't care about my punctuational (is that even a word?) mistakes right now! haha Anyways, here's a pic of me and my roommate and our guys a while ago (before joe's haircut) and then the other one is from this passed saturday night at Steven's house. ( i know it's kinda random )

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We've also been packing a little bit and here are several silly poses of me while packing and some of my stressed looks. Just don't laugh okay? ;)

6 days!

Hi! 6 days til the semester is over!!!

Well, last night was loads of fun! Joey came over and so did Steve (Myah's guy :)) and we ate delcious spaghetti and garlic bread! It turns out that Rachael's guy (Scott) was over too so we invited them to eat with us! It was lots of fun! After we ate, Joey wrote an email to my dad and that took a good while, while steve and myah were watching Pirates 3. The boys then decided to take us to Dairy Queen and get ice cream and that was delicious! I got the strawberry cheesequake!!! mmmm! Then Steve took us on a long drive to who knows where and that was great, then we said goodbye to them and we barely made it back to the dorms by curfew! (1 am) Myah and I put the couches together so that it looked like a bed and we slept in it. It was actually pretty comfortable! oh! Joe's haircut looks amazing! It's actually pretty short like almost no hair but it looks good. I'm not gonna lie! It's almost like a rugged celebrity look. It's just great. Anyways! This morning Myah and I didn't wake up until almost 11, and so we missed conference, but we are going to listen to it online!!! Myah, Joe, and Steve went shopping while I stayed at home doing some homework. This next week is going to be hectic, but I know it will end up being just fine. Sometimes I freak out a little more than I should. Like last week for example, I freaked out about my big test and project, and I did fine! So, now Myah and I are in the zone (doing homework) well, technically I'm not because I'm blogging but that's besides the point. I will be soon though! Tonight after priesthood Joe and Steve are coming to get Myah and I to go eat mexican food at Gringo's. I believe they made reservations for 9, since all the priesthood always eat after the session... i think it's like tradition or something.... so ya, that's pretty exciting. Also, at the bookstore the other day, Myah and I were looking at journals to write in for conference/devotionals. I got a really pretty one. I'll have to find a pic of it. I also got the book Twilight. I'm super excited to read it. I've only heard great things about it, and i heard it's even better than Harry Potter. I'm planning on reading it on my week off between semesters since I'll have muchos of free time!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


here's the pic

Stress is gone

Hello! I decided that since I'm bored and have time to kill that I would blog! So, the most stressful parts of my week are pretty much over! Yesterday I took my Biology test in which I scored a 90 on... thank goodness! I wrote a 5 page paper on Wilford Woodruff's life last night, and then made a poster for my Church History Project. Oh, and my i-card was lost and I can only pick it up before 9a.m. until of course it gets put into lost and found, but every time i go to try to retrieve it I can never find room 206... haha i have problems... so ya! I've had to borrow my roommates to print stuff, etc. Joey got a haircut yesterday and I haven't seen him since Tuesday, I don't know how it looks but i heard it's pretty short! Well, I have to get to class, but I love you all and here is a pic of us at sadies!... see, he knew he needed a haircut. lol jk! love ya'll!