Wednesday, March 10, 2010


5...4...3...2... bet you thought I was going to put 1 next, huh? Those numbers represent the credits for each of the classes I am taking next semester. I just registered last week. My preschool practicum is 5 credits, Assessments is 4 credits (I will die), New Testament is 3 credits :), and math methods is 2 credits. Oh, how I wish I was graduating in April...
Anyways, I titled this post Help! because I need someone to make my blog layout look pretty. I have no idea how to do it.
Thank you. Gotta run to class!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Heart Full of Gratitude!

Last week Joe and I were going to go to a cheap movie and then eat at Gringo's (right across the street) afterwards. Because we were so swamped with homework, we never got to doing it. Yesterday, we received an email from our apartment managers that said "Joe and Cynthia, You have a letter in the office. Please come pick it up during office hours." So, I was thinking "hmmm... this is weird, how could the letter have not ended up in our mailbox? So, I went and picked it up after class today and it was an envelope that said "Gephardts" on it. I was like hmmmm this is weird. So I opened it up and found two movie tickets and a $20 giftcard to Gringo's. So, I was like totally thinking this was creepy because Joe and I did not tell anyone that we wanted to go to Gringo's and to see a movie... Joe and I just got the chills. Then, I found a note that said "use where needed." I was thinking, "well, really you can only use them at two places: Gringo's and the movie theater... but then I looked in the envelope again and found $100 dollars (2 $50's). We just had such a heart full of gratitude... I felt like I wanted to thank the person, but obviously they didn't want us to know who they were. I just hope that person knows how grateful we are for this very generous gift. We are going to use the $100 for groceries and what not. I am so grateful for the Lord and what He does for us. I couldn't have made it through last week and this week without him. I was just so sick and so overwhelmed with homework, presentations, and teaching and didn't think I could do it, but here I am finishing up a 9 page activity plan (my last one, yay!) that is due tomorrow and I couldn't have done it without the Lord, and I know a part of the reason we have been so blessed is because of my great husband and everything he has been doing. He has been to the temple everyday this week and has been doing family history work along with school. I wish I was that good. He makes me want to be better everyday! Anyways, I just wanted to express thanks to all of you as well for being so kind, loving, and patient with us. We are excited to go to Henderson in April. It will be a good break between semesters. We also are excited to take Matt out for his bday either this weekend or the next. Love you all! :)