Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, we moved to Massachusetts. It was unexpected and FAST. Well, we knew we were moving there, but we didn't think we'd be moving there Saturday. We felt really bad because we were out of there quick, and the only people that really knew were Joe's parents and the people in my Dad's house. It was Friday afternoon, and we found out that the only flights that were really open were this past Saturday and the Saturday after that. So, we had to go this past Saturday. We still had so much to do. We had so much to do that we had to ask Luke and Logan to feed the baby while we were packing and getting a few more boxes ready to ship. I had to run errands to go cancel some things and such. I could not believe how quick it went and then we were gone. It's been crazy, but this new step in our lives will be an adventure. Joe's parents are ecstatic to finally be with their very first grandchild. He is being showered with so much love (not that he wasn't before because he was), but man, there are constantly people playing with him and watching him lay there and so on. Joe's sister and brothers think he is the best thing since sliced bread, and it has just been great. I have been a little bit homesick, but the good thing is is that Joe's parents are so kind and just spoil me as much as they spoil the grandchild, and it really helps me feel loved and welcome! :) For now, we are just unpacking and settling in. Ryker is sleeping great at night. I think this time change helped with that a lot! Joe starts his job June 6, and we are just on a hunt for a car. It will be nice to finally have some good income and to be able to save and raise a family and just have insurance for once. :) Well, for those of you who had absolutely no clue we were moving, we apologize. It was nothing against anyone. It was just so fast and unexpected! We love you all. We are definitely missing the Vegas weather. It's been a little cold and damp here... too humid! Yuck, but it's warming up so that's nice. Ryker did excellent on the plane. Everyone on the plane was complimenting him. He is such a sweet little angel. He slept almost the whole plane ride and played a little bit, but didn't fuss a peep! Even when the plane made a bang and started shaking (and the dumb flight attendant said for everyone to put their electronics away because it was an emergency) We were so mad about that by the way... how is a little bit of turbulance an emergency? The woman made everyone think we were going in for a crash landing... lame. Anyways, Ryker is doing great with his new big boy crib (aka not a tiny little bassinet). Well, we love you all! We are so grateful for all that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. He has done so much for us, and He has showed us that through all of you. :) Thank you!
This was Ryker's first night in his big crib.
I just thought that this froggy sleeper was so cute!
I don't know why this uploaded sideways, but this is him pooping haha. He is wearing one of my favorite onesies of his.
My Little Monster :) He's such a cutie! (Don't know why it uploaded upside down, how annoying.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ryker's Two Month!

On Wednesday, Ryker went in for his two month appointment. He did very well, and he also did great with his shots! Here are his statistics!

weight-14 lbs (95th percentile)
length- 23.75 in. (80th percentile)

He sure is a big boy! He keeps getting cuter! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

8 Weeks Old

I can't believe Ryker is 8 weeks old today! That's two months! He is changing so much and he gets cuter everyday. His personality is really starting to come out and he's starting to smile a ton. We've been getting a lot of videos of him these last couple of days. It's been so much fun! We love our Ryker! I can't believe he's getting his shots next Wednesday. I can't wait until that is over. I can't believe how chunky he has gotten. We love that sweet little boy! :) Last night he only got up once to eat. That was weird but amazing!... and then he peed on me when I changed his diaper. I couldn't help but laugh because it's so cute. It's almost like he knows what he is doing and so he smiles. He smiles when he pees on me and when he spits up on me. It's too cute! :) Love love love him! :)Newborn Ryker... I think he is just a few days old in this pic.
I believe he was just about a month old in this pic with Uncle Matt. :)
Two month old Ryker