Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ryker is Going to Be a Big Brother...

to a little sister!!!

Most of you already know this, but...


The ultrasound went really well.  Everything looked really healthy... two halves of a brain and 4 chambers to the heart.  The ultrasound tech kept saying perfect to everything.  I guess the baby was really cooperating too.  We are very blessed!  When we first got in there, she was like do you want to know what you are having, and Joe told her that he wanted to see if we could tell before she told us... in my head I was thinking, hmmm... I don't really see anything between those legs,  maybe it IS a girl after all! (Joe said he was 100% this time that it was a girl; I was unsure again).  After a while, we were like is it a girl? and she was like it IS a girl!  I don't know why I feel like I can't believe it's a girl.  I guess I just thought I wouldn't be surprised if I had all boys.  Anyways, we are very excited, and Ryker is excited to have a little sister soon!  I've wanted so bad to buy all this girl stuff, but we are going to wait until two of Joe's cousins give us all of their girl clothes and then we can buy what we need.  Yay! She'll be here at the end of January!!! :)  Maybe earlier, but I hope not too much earlier! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

18 Weeks!

I wanted to get all my posts done before my doctor's appointment this afternoon, but I have one more post about Joe's brother's wedding this passed weekend that I will post about later.  But here is a pic of me at 18 weeks.  We find out if it is a boy or girl today! What are your guesses?  We are so excited!!!

Anniversary and Birthday

Ryker and I got back from SLC the morning after our anniversary (August 8).  It has been 4 blissful years, and I wouldn't change a moment of it!  We didn't get any pictures, but we just celebrated casually by going to a movie and dinner.  We are going to go up to North Conway, New Hampshire in two weeks to spend a week there for our anniversary.  Ryker is coming with us, so we are celebrating as a family. :)  It will be fun!!!
Joe's birthday was August 22nd.  We went to breakfast as a family, and it was fun.  Later in the evening, Joe's parents took us out to dinner at a place called Danvers Port Yacht Club.  It's a nice sea food place.  Joe loves their lobster rolls. I like a lot of sea food, but I'm not a fan of lobster...too fishy to me, so I got a tasty buffalo chicken wrap.  We had a fun time, and it was very nice!  Didn't get any pics of the night  unfortunately!!!
Also, within the last month or so, Joe's brother Rick got engaged and so did his sister Liana! So, within a short 6 month period, it's going from Joe being the only child married, to all 4 of the kids being married!  I think my in-laws are overwhelmed! But very happy of course! 3 weddings and another grandbaby on the way!!! Actually, it's only 2 more weddings, because Steve just got married September 2nd!!! :)
 Ryker and Daddy at Friendly's for Daddy's birthday breakfast! Delicious!

 Ryker loves putting head phones on
Joe took this pic of Ryker, and I thought it was super cute.  What a great smile!!!

Trip to Utah and Idaho!

Well, life has been quite busy, but very exciting!  I absolutely cannot believe that it is already September! Holy craziness!
On July 28, Ryker and I flew out to Salt Lake City for my older brother's wedding.  Have I ever mentioned how awesome a child I have?  He was absolutely amazing flying, and we had a layover in New York City going there and coming back.  He's such a trooper!  Love that kid. :)
He had so much fun with my family, and it was really nice for me to see my family, especially those I haven't seen in a year (you know who you are!).  The wedding was great, and Matt and Jessi were a beautiful bride and groom!  Glad we were able to be there to share such a special day with them! Now, for some pics of the grand adventure! :)
 Sitting on a big boy chair at Jessi's family's house! :)
 The Greatest!
 Ryker hanging out with his Uncle Luke
 Honking Uncle Luke's nose while he was laying in the bath tub of ice.
 Ryker with his Uncle Logan!
 Look what Ryker did to Logan's face.  He took him down! Just kidding.  Logan wiped out on the treadmill at the hotel while going too fast on it!
 Luke trying to look hawt.
 My dad and I
 The Handsome Couple!!!
 Seth showing us his happy face!
 Brighton showing us his happy face!
 Ryker with his Uncle Ben!  He was a bit tired (the time change was a little rough).
 Trying to get a good pic with the bride and groom...just not a happy camper.
 Ryker and his Papa...wow, I never realized how shaggy Ryker's hair was until looking at these pics!
 The Bride and Groom with the Bride's parents (love them!), and the beautiful temple quilt that my mom made for them!
 My sis and I had a lot of fun hanging in the hotel in Idaho Falls!
 Having fun riding on Uncle Logan's shoulders
 Ryker with Mommy and cousin Karrae! :)
 Ryker with my cousin Todd!
 Ryker looking and his great grandma and grandpa's chickens with cousin Karrae
 Cousins! :)
 We had to get a pic with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle David, and Uncle Kurt!!!
 We also got to see Uncle Tim, Aunt Lori, Marley and her new husband Chris, and Alex and his wife Kailie!  We got to watch Marley and Chris open wedding gifts at their house.  It was fun to see them! We love them!!!
 Here's Ryker with his Gammy and Gampy.  We stayed with them the entire time we were visiting, and it was really fun to have my Mom the entire time without her having to work! Thanks for taking care of us while we were there!!!