Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ryker Sits Up and Does Some Other Tricks

Here are some videos of some things that Ryker can do. He's learned some tricks too. LOL

Saturday, September 24, 2011

At Ryker's 6 Month Appointment...

He ways 21 lbs 11 oz. (95th percentile)
He is 28 inches long. (90th percentile)
He is still growing like a champ, and I believe the phrase his doctor used was "he's solid."
So, he is very healthy and everything is looking great!
He wasn't so happy about those shots though. It's always so sad to see real sad tears come out of his little eyes.
We're so grateful that he's healthy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 Months Old!

Today, our little boy is 6 months old! He's half a year! We cannot believe it! I guess today would be called his half birthday! He is getting cuter and smarter and funnier and wigglier and heavier! And we love the little boy he is becoming! He definitely knows who his mommy and daddy are, as he will smile, laugh, and jump around when one of us enter the room. He has only whimpered once when someone he didn't know held him, but other than that, he is a pretty social boy! So, here's a little bit about Ryker at 6 months!
  • He really really really wants to crawl, but can't quite yet grasp the concept of moving his arms forward with his legs, so he often does a face plant into the floor. He moves those chubby little legs, but keeps those hands still. He's so close and has been for like the last month!
  • He is also really close to sitting up on his own but is a little wobbly right and left. He'd much rather be laying down or rolling around to get himself around than be sitting up, which makes it very hard for me to help him learn to sit up. He's close though--as you can see from the below picture.
  • He loves walking around in his walker backwards. It's so funny. It looks like he's backing away slowly from people. He often gets caught in corners though haha.
  • He just started pureed food a week ago and is loving it. I've only given him vegetables to get him used to the taste before he falls in love with the fruit. So far, he has had green beans, peas, and carrots. His favorite, you ask? Carrots! He devoured those things everyday the last 3 days. He'll eat the peas, but I can tell he's not a fan. It looks like he's forcing it down. What a good little boy cause I wouldn't do that. haha
  • He loves using the spoon himself. I'll let him play with the spoon a little bit after he's done eating. He gets messy enough with me feeding him.
  • He loves his oatmeal at breakfast and his rice cereal at dinner, but I'm pretty sure he likes his milk the very best! He looks forward to his bedtime bottle.
  • It's like he's got an internal clock. Right at 9, it's bedtime for him. He goes down very well. I get him ready for bed, lay him in his crib, and he rolls right over to go to sleep. He sleeps til about 7:30, so I can't complain! :)
  • He has one bottom tooth, it's so cute!
  • He just started blowing raspberries regularly a few days ago.
  • He thinks he's the most hilarious person ever.
  • He laughs at weird things, like when I cough, he laughs. I think he thinks I'm being funny.
  • He's been doing this thing where he smiles and scrunches up his whole face til his eyes are almost closed. I'll have to try and get a pic sometime.
  • When he's really really worn out, he'll snore in his sleep.
  • He plays in his bed until Mommy or Daddy get him for breakfast. After a while, he call us to come get him. He's our little alarm clock!
  • He can almost hold his bottle without pulling it out of his mouth every 5 seconds.
  • He loves playing with a baby girl that is a couple months older than him at church. They just laugh at each other and babble, and steal each others toys. :)
Anyways, I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but there's a good little update. We love him so much and still can't believe it's been 6 months since we held him in our arms for the first time! We love you Ryker Thomas! :)
Here are some 6 month pictures I took this morning before church.
As you can see, his suit coat is a little snug. I wanted him to wear it at least once before he grew out of it, and today seemed like the perfect day because it's been chilly here in Mass! Goodbye Summer! I will miss you, except I won't miss the really hot muggy days. Glad those are over.
I was trying to get a normal pic of him sitting up...fail. He wasn't really in the mood for pictures this morning.
Like I said, he wasn't in the mood. I tried so hard to get him to smile... instead he stared at the camera like he wanted to take a huge bite out of it! LOL
We love our little man!
Happy 6 Months Ry!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


makes me smile!

Our First Family Vacation

The day after Ryker and I got in from Indiana, our little family drove up to New Hampshire and stayed in Joe's parents' and brother's condo. It was such a nice little getaway. It's literally right behind a little outlet mall. We walked around and did some window shopping and bought Ryker a Halloween costume because it's so cheap at that mall. But you shall not know what he will be until later. We also went to Thusis beach and swam in the water. Ryker thoroughly enjoyed it. He splashed and stomped around. It was fun! We relaxed and went out to eat one night and then watched Limitless after. That movie is just okay. It was nice to relax as a family. It was our first family vacation!... til next year! haha

Ryker relaxing and playing with his feet after the beach

The Secret Mission Revealed!

So, I am way past due to write this post, but our secret mission was to go visit my sister and her family in Indiana. Another nice little treat was that my mom was going to see her too, so we got to see her too! Kerstin knew that my mom was coming, but didn't know I was coming until I posted that last post. Darn me! haha. Ryker and I were in the Logan airport for 8 hours because we didn't get on the first flight with our buddy pass, and the next flight was delayed like 3 hours, so we didn't get into Chicago until 9:40 or something like that. And then we didn't get to their house until like 3 or something because we took this little detour to get gas and then got a little lost, but we made it ok. LOL. Ryker was very tired and just wanted to be sleeping on his stomach (his favorite way to sleep).
It was so much fun and wish we could have visited longer! I hadn't seen my sister and her kids in three years, and hadn't yet met her youngest, Levi. She, of course, hadn't met Ryker, and the same goes for my mom. She was so happy to be with 5 of her 7 grandbabies! We had some great laughs and Ryker did excellent the whole trip. That' where he learned to get in the crawling position. I'm pretty sure he saw his cousin Levi crawling and decided he wanted to do the same. haha jk, but seriously, he was looking at Levi like "um, how come I can't do that?" KT's kids have grown up so much since I last saw them. They are all so beautiful and handsome, and they all have such cute and different personalities! It's so fun. I look forward to be in that stage with Ryker and my future children someday.
We did some great things while we were there. We went to an Amish store (DELICIOUS food btw), visited quilt gardens, baked, cooked, went and saw "The Help" (must read book), and played with the kids. It was just a great time. Oh, and we pigged out on junk food, too (or should I say I pigged out! I'm pretty sure I ate two packages of oreos and like 6 donuts and 2 huge cinnamon rolls mm mm). Anyways, It was so fun to see everyone! Thanks KT and fam for giving mom, Ryker, and I a great visit! :) Miss you guys!

Ryker helped his Mommy pack for the trip!
Waiting in the Logan airport. I'm so blessed to have such a good baby. It would have been pretty hard, being there 8 hours and all.
Sisters reunite at last! haha
Ryker and his Grandma finally meet. :)
Ryker with his cousin Torilynn! :)

At the quilt gardens
My sister caught this on camera!

The rest of the pics were taken with my sister's awesome camera (except for the obvious couple):
Ryker with his cousins: Ellalyn, Torilynn, Landon, and Levi!

Ryker and his cousins chillin
I just had to throw this one in--my nieces are so cute!

My mom and 5 of her 7 beautiful grandkids! :)
Ryker was happy to see his Daddy again--he missed him a lot, and it was on Joe's birthday too!