Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, I have finally decided to post a blog! School has been going pretty good! Only 2 more weeks left of the semester!... but then I only have a week before the new semester starts, but that's okay! I will be moving out of my dorm and into apartments called Colonial House (they are super nice!) My roommate and I are pretty excited about that! I can't believe it is almost time for finals. I will be super relieved after it's over though! Next semester I will have 17 credits and I know I will be super busy, but that's okay because i love being busy! Well! Most everyone knows already, but I have a boyfriend named Joey from Massachusetts. He's pretty great and really good to me. I've never met a guy who treated me so well. We're pretty serious, it's great. He brought me roses today! :) okay well, not exactly today, but last saturday and then on sunday he brought me an easter basket. Yesterday our dorm had "white glove" which is when everyone has to do deep cleaning in their dorms. I got assigned the bathroom (gross) and he helped me scrub the floor. At any rate, my roommates and I each passed, so now they won't charge us 25 dollars an hour to get it professionally cleaned! Anyways! I better go! Hope I didn't bore you all with my rambling! Until next time!!! :)