Friday, December 21, 2012

My Very First Christmas Wreath

 In my last post, I forgot to post about my wreath I made December 6!  Every year, the sisters in our ward have a wreath making party and anyone is welcome to come.  It only costs 8 dollars to make a wreath from scratch.  Last year I missed it, so I was really excited to go this year!  It seemed kind of tricky by the way they were trying to explain how to do it, but I guess mine turned out okay for my first time! :)  Joe's parents hung it up out front for me (they are so kind).

I meant to cut the longer tail of the bow to make it even, but it never happened. Oh well!
I think it's perfect for their door! :)
I was going through pics on my camera, and I found this goody.  Ryker looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Time is Here!

I cannot believe that Christmas time is already here, and there are only 6 days until Christmas!  Time is really flying by!  I am 33 weeks pregnant already (!) and our little girl is scheduled to arrive January 28th at 8:30 a.m. unless she decides that she wants to make an appearance earlier.  I just feel like there is so much to do and so little time, and yet I wonder "what is there to do?" haha.

So we've just been living life as usual.  Joe is working hard like usual, but it's nice because he has almost 2 weeks off, so he doesn't go back to work til after Christmas!  Originally, his work schedule was for him to work Christmas eve and Christmas, but he took both days off.  We're happy about that!  We want Joe to spend Christmas with us! :)  He doesn't get triple pay since he is not working those days, but he will still get paid, so we can't complain! 

Ryker just finished his second set of swim lessons at the YMCA.  He is doing so well!  He is getting more and more comfortable in the water and he'll even jump (more like lean) from the side of the pool.  He still isn't blowing bubbles, but he is kicking and paddling a bit.  He is going to start going with his Mimi (Joe's Mom) to his next set of lessons since I will be 35 weeks pregnant by the time they start up again and eventually I'll have the baby, so we figured we'd get him started on going with Mimi so he can get used to it.  He also like to go to the YMCA for open gym, where he can play in the huge gymnastics room and do whatever he wants (it's free).  Ryker's language is really starting to come along.  There is still a lot we don't understand (he has his own language sometimes), but he is saying more and more words and it is just starting to explode!  He is obsessed with balls and running.  I think we have a little athlete on our hands!  He is beginning to look more and more like a little boy!  I cannot believe it.  He is growing up so fast! We love him so much!

Joe and I went to his work Christmas party on December 8th.  Last year they didn't have one, so I was excited to get to go this year.  Oh boy, was this party fancy!  I almost felt like I was dressed down when I saw some of the fancy dresses some of the women were wearing, but then I did see some women with slacks, so I felt better.  It was in this ginormous room with beautiful decorations.  They had a coat drop off at the front, and they gave us each 2 tickets for free drinks (which, of course, we got sprites!) but even the sprites were like 6 bucks each, so that was nice to get them free.  The food was fancy and delicious, and they had music and dancing.  We had fun dancing and laughing at the drunk people. ;)  I got to meet a few of Joe's co-workers who all seemed pretty nice.  It was a nice date night for us, as Ryker stayed home with his Mimi and Grampy (he always has fun with them!)!  Here is just one pic that we got at the party.  I should have taken more pics.  It was nice!

Ryker has been having a lot of fun getting on his Uncle Steve's back, so one day he got on Daddy's back, and he just laid down and hugged him (this was right before bed when we were doing family scriptures).  It was so cute!  In the last pic, we told him to close his eyes and pretend he was asleep.  He couldn't help but peak! haha

On December 15th, our ward had our Christmas party.  It was actually a brunch this year.  We did a few service projects for terminally ill children in the hospital.  It was a great party.  We made Christmas cards, snowmen, New Years bags, and fleece blankets.  I mostly helped with the cards and snowmen.  I don't think I could have sat on the floor to tie blankets with this big belly in the way haha.  Joe had to work that day, but Ryker and I had a good time.  Ryker played with his best friend Jenna.

 He was getting a little wild at this point in the party (no, I didn't give him any cookies)


I really didn't think they were going to have Santa there, but they surprised us at the end with Santa!  It was our bishop who dressed up as Santa, so that was pretty fun!  Ryker didn't cry, but I'm not sure he was thrilled.  I think the candycane helped keep him calm a little bit.

My mom sent our family a cute little fisher price nativity scene!  Ryker loves that thing so so much!  It lights up and plays the song "Away in a Manger"  He knows who the baby Jesus is and a few of the animals.  As you can see from the second picture,  he prefers the animals on top of the stable instead of the angel.  I don't know why, but he doesn't want that angel up there.  It's kind of funny that the animals will attach on top too.  Actually I think all the animals and people can.  Anyways, we love it! Thanks Mom!

 Putting Baby Jesus in the stable
"No Mom, the donkey needs to be on top" LOL!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

31 Weeks

Monday marked 31 weeks into this pregnancy.  I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going!  I am getting bigger and my belly is really getting in the way, and I am starting to feel overwhelmed with getting ready for our second child!  There is still a lot of organizing to do and what not.  Ryker is keeping me very busy as it is!  Seriously, that child wears me out!  On a positive note,  my mother-in-law is always willing to help with Ryker so I can get things done, rest, etc.  It is really nice.  Having Ryker in our family brings us so much joy, and I am very excited for our little girl. I am very excited for Ryker to have a sibling too!!!