Friday, November 2, 2012

Pregnancy, Hurricane Sandy, and Halloween

 Ryker really enjoys to pull people's glasses off of their face, so I decided to pop the shades out of these dollar store sun glasses and let him wear these.  As you can tell by the photo, he broke them so I taped them up.  He looks so intelligent!
 Joe really wanted his head shaved (he gets to a length where it just bugs him), so I decided Ryker was due for a buzz himself.  I think they look very handsome!
 3 of Ryker's favorite things: coloring, brushing his teeth, and toilet paper (rolls)
 The pregnancy continues to go well.  I am growing fast and this little girl is very active!  Like a ballerina in my stomach or something!  For the most part this pregnancy has been just as easy as my pregnancy with Ryker...except I get pain in my lower back and my hips and butt.  I have to be careful to not carry Ryker too much and to find a balance between being on my feet and sitting.  Ryker is 30 pounds, so I am pretty sure he is adding to my pain.  I wasn't carrying anyone around when I was pregnant with Ryker.  Also, I think I am carrying lower with this one. But in all honesty, I can't really complain because the pain has been bearable, except for maybe a couple times and that is it.  We still can't believe it took less than a month to get pregnant with our little girl! We anticipated AT LEAST as long as it took with Ryker (2 months), but we are very very grateful for this opportunity for us to raise a family and thank Heavenly Father everyday for trusting us enough to be their earthly parents.  We love our kids so so much! :)
 The little cutie is growing up so fast!  Poor kid always get red eye like his mom and dad.

Hurricane Sandy hit us Monday afternoon and the eye of the storm hit us that night.  I tried to get a pic, but it just looked like a rainy day.  A picture wouldn't do it justice (unless it was a pic of a fallen tree or something), but a video might have worked.  It was a little bit scary for me, but we didn't have it nearly as bad as NY and other areas.  We lost power (Ryker was very confused about why the light switches weren't working, a little bit frightening for him) for about 15 hours.  We feel very blessed to be safe and sound and pray everyday for those families who lost loved ones or their homes have been affected by this superstorm!
It was still a little rainy, but the storm passed in time for our ward Halloween party on October 30.  Here is Ryker the monster with his best nursery friend Jenna the Elmo monster! :)
 I told him to give her a hug.  He looks like he is trying to plant one on her! haha
Unfortunately those are the only pics I got at the party.  I had to chase Ryker around.  He wouldn't stay still.  He did 3 carnival games and went trunk or treating.  I was surprised how well he did for how young he is! 
 Ryker getting ready to go trick or treating on Halloween night!
 Joe picked out this Halloween costume at Old Navy.  I think he made a good choice.  Ryker makes a cute little monster!
 The best pic we could all get together! He was pretty squirmy!
 "uh oh Mom, I ripped Grampy's dart apart!"
 I loved this costume also because he could wear his shoes and there was a strap to keep his monster feet down.
 Ready to go!
 "Ummm...can we go?"

Joe and I had so much fun taking Ryker trick or treating this year! Last year obviously Ryker was only 7 months and Joe was working that day and it was colder last year.  This year Ryker is mobile and Daddy got to come!  Plus, it was a beautiful night! Not nearly as cold as it was last year!  We went down our street and did a huge loop around the neighborhood.  I could not believe how well a one and half year old did with that distance! No stroller or anything!  He did ride on Daddy's shoulders a couple of times though.  Everyone loved his costume, and he did really well knocking on doors and taking only one piece of candy out of their bowls.  He almost always chose a reeses or snickers. haha.  Oh, and he waved bye bye to everyone too.  A couple of times he tried to invite himself into their homes, and he also insisted on closing their screen doors on them.  It's alright, they still thought he was cute after that. HAHA!  I thought that he was going to try and pull all his candy out of his bag after he got it, but he did so well at putting it in each time he got it.  He also loved seeing all the other little kids.  It was just really fun for us.  Joe and I admitted that we felt like kids again being out there with Ryker.  I know I am bragging about Ryker a lot, but I was just excited that he had a great time and that he wasn't too much of a he has been lately...I think he's reached the terrible 2's a little bit early sometimes... but then there are times when he's a little angel, so I can't complain!
 Here is Ryker's loot.  That thing was shoved full.  I had to take a couple of big things out (caprison, animal crackers, famous amos cookies) and shove them in my pockets while we were walking because candy was falling out.
Ryker eating his Halloween of the very few things he gets to eat out of his candy bag...the rest is for Mommy and Daddy! haha
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!! :)

Days 4, 5, and 6 in Orldando

 We spent the rest of our time in Florida having some fun in the sun, playing in pools, at waterparks, and just relaxing and seeing all the sights that we could see!  There were several different pools at the place that we stayed at.  We had heard about a HUGE fun pool that had a spot with fountains for kids to run around.  As you can see from the pictures below, Ryker thoroughly enjoyed those fountains.  I was really surprised how fast he ran into those fountains!  I guess his swim lessons are really helping him get comfortable with all water!

 On Thursday night, Joe and I visited the Orlando temple which was only 9 miles down the same road we were staying on.  Joe's mom watched Ryker so that we could go in and do an endowment session and we even got to help out with some sealings!  It was a great experience!  We went to sacrament meeting on Sunday in the chapel right across the street from the temple.
 Friday we decided to throw our suits on and lather up in sunblock and head to wet n' wild!  I went there as a child in Las Vegas and they got rid of the huge water park a few years back, so this was exciting for me! (even though I couldn't ride most the rides, haha)  Joe had a lot of fun riding the rides.  He had never been before, so that was neat!  Also, we just found out that they are bringing back Wet n' Wild in Las Vegas so that is pretty cool!
 Friday night we made some chocolate chip cookies.  Joe and I wanted to get them made before his parents and Aunt and Uncle and fam next door left Saturday morning.  We didn't want to eat all those cookies ourselves.  Ryker was having fun looking at them bake.  Our oven at home doesn't have a window or light to see through, so that was exciting for him!
 Like I mentioned in the first post about this trip, we had a jacuzzi tub in our room, so we took advantage of that thing!  I think we literally were in there everyday.  Ryker loved it!

 I lived in Mississippi for 5 years of my life, and liked this place called Stake n' Shake.  This was also another first for Joe! So we went (twice while we were there, we liked it so much! :)) They gave Ryker a cute hat and the usual crayons and paper.  Joe really loved how delicious the food was for how cheap it was!  And the shakes are nice and huge and delicious!
This place we stayed at was so amazing!  Glad that Joe's cousin and her husband were willing to let us use it for a week for cheap!  They even provided Ryker with his own crib (super nice, since I don't enjoy lugging around his pack n play) and a high chair!  I told him to lay down so I could take a picture of him in his bed. So cute!  And this is the last pic we took on the trip.  We headed back to the airport on Sunday afternoon after going to church and cleaning up and packing at the time share.  Successfully dropped off my first rental car without a scratch!  The flight home was nice and smooth despite the fact that Ryker was pretty squirmy.  Books are life savers! :)