Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What? School? In Session?

Well, it's that time again for me! School is in session tomorrow!!! Of course, it's in session for Joe too, but I haven't been since July! It was a looooong break! but I'm not going to complain! haha! We had a great time in Massachusetts with Joe's family. We celebrated our last night there at a Italian place called Sam and Joe's. Wonderful pizza! We flew into Salt Lake yesterday, but we had two stops--one in New York (3 hour layover) and one in Vegas. We had a scary experience on the flight into Salt Lake. When we were starting to decend the plane started to shake really bad--like it was the worst I've ever experience, then the plane dropped a good 10 feet and then Joe and I thought it was over and then it started to shake again and dropped a second time and everyone on the plane screamed and poor kids started to cry and then it shook a little more and dropped a little more, but it was pretty smooth after that. The co-pilot was funny on the intercom; he was like telling us about how we were flying over mountains and that sometimes you get a "mountain wave" and that's what caused it. He was like "I'm sorry for those little bumpies." I just thought it was so silly he kept calling them bumpies. haha and then when we landed safely everyone started clapping (with relief I'm guessing). My mom and Darin were so kind to pick us up and drive us up to Rexburg the next day. The roads were pretty icy and snowy a lot of the way. We saw a good amount of accidents on the way up there-- 3 were roll-overs from what we could tell (the cars were on their sides) Hopefully no one was too terribly hurt or killed. My mom and I went grocery shopping and then they had to be on their way, but it was great to see them for the little bit that we did and we're grateful for all that they do for us! Later, Joe and I went and got my books for classes. My list was wicked long. My children's Lit class called for a bunch of children's books and chapter books. My Comp Lit class called for 3 books, and etc. etc. I'm pretty excited for the new semester! Wish us luck! Happy New Year to everyone!!! :)