Sunday, April 25, 2010

Didn't Feel Like Fixing It

Saying goodbye to Timmy!...

Brighton is such a silly little boy! :)
Dad's awesome shoes. They're DC!!!
On our way to church... I like how Logan is smiling for the camera in the back...
Hanging out at the Brunner's house! It's so different with only three cousins there now...
Timmy shoved a piece of chicken in his mouth! Baha!
Jumpin' on the "tramp"!
Went to the temple with the brothers and parents to do baptisms.
Hello All! So, the first week of the semester was... OK. I know that it is going to be a rough semester. It already feels rough! We have a lot to do to get ready for Preschool, and I have to get a second lesson plan done by like next week or something! The lesson plans are long and it's a long process. We have to have them done about three weeks before the lesson is taught because it needs to go to our head teacher first and then my instructor, and then my team (the girls I work with in the preschool). There are several different majors in the preschool labs. There is my major ECE/ECSE and then there are child development majors, Professional Preschool majors, etc. Since we are ECSE majors, our lesson plans are different and they are a lot longer, more detailed, and more rigorous. It is pretty intense and a little confusing, but that is okay. I'm glad that we only have to do four lesson plans because I guess normally they have to do six on their own. In this case, since it is the spring semester and there are no off campus placements, there are more students in each lab--limiting us to so many lessons to teach. We only have to make and teach two lesson plans on our own, and then we teach with one other person the first time and then the last time, all the ECSE majors teach together. It will really help me as I am taking the Assessments course which is going to kick my butt. If we don't pass the first test, the teacher drops us from the class. We get multiple attempts to pass the test, but you have to get a 90 or higher to pass, so yes. I really look forward to that. At least there are only two tests. That's nice. I am also taking a religion class (New Testament), which I think will help out because last semester I didn't take a religion class, and I needed one more three credit scripture-based religion. I am also taking Math Methods. Next semester, I will be taking Kindergarten practicum, Strategies, social studies methods, and science methods. My last semester of classes!!! YES! This semester will be hardest by far. That's what I've been told. Anyways, Joe found a job! He's going to try it out. He starts training Tuesday. It's called Palacio...a magazine company. He's not entirely sure what he'll be doing, but we'll see. We had Matt over for dinner tonight. We made pizza. It was a good time. He was all out of food at his apartment. We were glad to feed him. He had to leave though because he said he had a ton of homework. Anyways, all I really had an update on is school and Joe's job because that is really all that is up with us. Enjoy the pics from our break!

Spending some time with Mom and Darin and the grandparents!
I love Luke's face in this pic
Me and Blue... Love him...
Getting ready to take Joe out for his first In-n-Out experience! We picked up Timmy from school and took him with us too.
Timmy's friend Kaden and I helped Timmy ask a girl to prom. Cute?
Here's his answer! :)
Joe's aunt Karen and uncle Mark and cousin Hilary. We went to some place called Grand China. Great Chinese food. His aunt and uncle spoiled us a lot while we were there.
Little Seth! What a doll! P.S. sad that I didn't get any pics with Brent and Shayla! :( We got to visit with them for a little bit and Shayla made some amazing pasta!!! Thanks again!
The little bros! They're all bigger than me now!

One of our awesome attempts to get a pic of the whole group. haha! We put the camera on timer and put the camera on the garbage can haha!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Survived the Semester!

Hello Everyone! Wow, has it been such a long time since I last posted! Well, I survived last semester! It was refreshing to be done! I got all A's and one crumby B. Oh well! Just glad that's over and will be super excited when next semester is over because it should be my hardest semester. Next semester starts this Tuesday. I know it will be stressful, but it will be good. Joey graduated! I am so proud of him! He is probably going to start working for his friend scott, who started a business that makes websites for other companies. He may also work for Qwest, but it is in Idaho Falls, and unless he finds someone to go with that is not a girl (because that would be awkward), he might not be able to work there. There are great health insurance and dental insurance benefits with that company. We have been having a wonderful time here in Henderson. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! So sunny and warm and just perfect. We've been having a lot of fun with family--including Joe's aunt and uncle. They have spoiled us a lot. I am sad to see the week break go as we will be flying back to Salt Lake tomorrow night. :( It's okay, life goes on! It'll be fun to get back to our baby apartment haha. I have to hit the books wicked hard on Tuesday! Woo hoo! That should be fun!