Saturday, June 14, 2008

So! Midterm grades are in and they ended up being pretty good! They are the grades I mentioned down below. I'm excited today because I get to go swimming! It's an indoor pool though at one of joe's counselors in his ward's house. It'll be fun! I haven't been swimming in forever! The weather was actually beautiful yesterday except it was very windy! Today it's nice and sunny too! On monday night I get to help Matt register for his classes and I'm pretty excited that he is coming up in the fall! I know he will love it here because it's great! (except the weather stinks) I'm thankful for everyone that is helping with my wedding and bridal shower! Everyone is so amazing. It's kind of hard to make plans while living up in idaho and going to school, so I just want to thank everyone who is taking time out of their lives just to help me and joe. It really means the world to me! Also, I'm so excited to be an aunt two more times! (One still on the way ;)) I have the cutest nephews and neices! and that's because I have cute siblings and siblings-in-law. They're great! Anyways! so I am going to New York July 21-25 and then the day after joe and I get married we are flying to Boston and then the next day our cruise to Bermuda leaves and then we'll be back the next week. We might go see a baseball game at yankee stadium while we are there too. We're excited! Anyways,I better get something done! I woke up a half hour ago and have not done anything except sit on this computer! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!

Oh! for those of you who want my address and number here it is!:

151 Viking Dr. #406

Rexburg, ID 83440


Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey guys! Well mid-term week is over!!! Thank goodness! My grades will be in on wednesday and then I can let ya'll know. As of now, it looks like I have 5 A's and 2 B+'s! But that's not a for sure. So yesterday was a long and busy day... but a great day, don't get me wrong! So church gets out at 12:30, so after that my classmate Ashleigh came and picked me up and we went to her place and made about 200 cookies! For our 25 minute presentation we baked 3 different kinds of cookies to go with the them of our presentation. Our presentation was on "Learning two languages-Toddler through the play years"... so each cookie represented a language... They are as follows: Fortune (we bought those)-Chinese, Snickerdoodles-German, Chocolate Chip-English, and Russian tea cookies-Russian of course! It was lots of fun, but it took us from about 1 til almost 7! We had to put them in 50 ziplock bags, but we had to wrap each individual cookie in suran(however you spell that) wrap first for the sake of those who are allergic and what not. Then we had to make little hand outs to put in the bags explaining what each cookie represented. After we got that done, I went to Joe's house and we ate Lasagna and garlic bread and chocolate milk! It was delicious! After that I went home and went over the powerpoint for our presentation today. Joe came over after that and we watched the end of the basketball finals. It was great!!! Anyways... so I woke up this morning and I was feeling super naucious and I took and shower and then ate some cereal and orange juice. I think the orange juice helped me. I was not nervous about the presentation at all until the end of geography and then I started to feel kinda sick! Once we got up there to present, I was like not even nervous and we were amazing! We got a 148.5/150! The class loved the game we played and they just loved the treats and a lot of them participated and raised their hands and what not. I think I'm gonna like being a teacher!!! :)