Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello wonderful family and friends! Oh, how time flies! We are already half way through the semester! We had a great and fun summer, which went by way too fast by the way. I'm surviving and so is Joey, barely. He's up late at the library with class group work and stuff. Fun for him! I also have a lot of group stuff this semester--in like 4 of my classes. I like all of my classes... except English--you have to be able to dig deep into literature to feel smart in the class. I can't dig deep.. I'm more of a math person, personally. haha! We both cannot wait until this semester is over! We've been so busy, we've hardly had any time for eachother. I know that that will happen a lot, but we try to atleast have time together on the weekend, but it feels like that hasn't happened in a while. Although, we do watch a prophet video every Sunday night, so I guess that counts! :) Joey has been working really hard to lose weight. He is doing great. He hasn't had pizza in over a month! That's like pretty much amazing for him because pizza is his all time favorite food. He's been working out everyday except Sunday as well. I've been trying to support him and stuff by eating healthy myself, but I like to eat chocolate too much. haha! I just started my block class this week. It's my Literacy practicum, where I go into the elementary school twice a week and help with assessments and anything else my cooperative teacher needs help with. It has been fun. We're put in the first grade class. Cute kids. It was so sad--one little boy was doing his "reading naturally" on the computer (it's basically where you read a little paragraph and practice over and over until you've got it pretty good, and then you read it to a teacher/adult), and he just started crying and said, "I'm just not good, I'm never going to read 'grows' right." Poor little boy. I guess he is in the lower level reading group, but he loves trying hard and enjoys reading for the most part. The little kiddies were dressed up for halloween today--so cute! Over the intercom, there was spooky music playing and some kids were like, "I'm not scared of that!" and others were like, "this computer room is haunted!" So silly! This week has really worn me out. I've been sick with this horrible cough and nose thing, and I can't miss more than a day in my block class or else you fail! so, I went today because I wanted to save my one "sick" day for if I got the flu or something nasty like that. I've been so tempted to just skip class, but I just can't afford to. Our professors take attendance and it's part of our grade...icky... but it's good because then I don't really get behind. Next week, I have a presentation, analytical insight paper, a test, and two projects due. Joey and I just take it a day at a time and are excited when we've reached Friday night alive. haha! Oh, also, when I walked out the door this morning there was SNOW on the ground, and I was not too happy about that... ya, it looks nice, but it's not fun to walk in or freeze in or anything in. Not to mention we live on a hill so it's so scary walking down because you have to walk like a 100 year old man just so you don't slip! And the bottom of your pants get all wet and nasty and white from the salt. I just need the snow to go away until I move away from here!... The wind is ridiculous here... that should go away too. You can't stay warm no matter how many layers you put on because the wind just blows the cold air right into you, and it makes it very difficult to wear a skirt or dress because, unless you wear leggings underneath, you and all your glory shows! Anyways, that's enough about the weather. I love Rexburg other than that. Oh ya, like a month ago or something we were going to move to a bigger apartment because this one is sooooo tiny, but we ended up staying because we felt that the Lord wanted us in the ward that we are in. We are both very busy with our callings. Meetings here and there--no naps for us on Sunday any more. That's okay though! Joey graduates in April and we are both excited! I wish I graduated that soon! Goodness, I don't graduate until next December, but that will come quick, I'm sure. Just look at how fast this semester has gone! We have both been homesick and miss our families mucho. I think it's because we just hate not being able to go anywhere too often because we don't have a car yet. It's okay though because we are saving a lot by not having one right now. Anyways, that's our lives! School takes over it! We love you all and have a wonderful weekend!--we plan to. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update Coming Soon...

Holy Cow! It's been a long time since I've updated this thing! Be prepared for a nice update coming soon!!! :)