Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Sox Game!

So, now that I did like 4 posts, all out of order, I am ready to blog about our Red Sox game yesterday! We had so much fun going to Fenway park and watching them play the Tampa Bay Rays! And We won! Ryker did a really great job! We put ear plugs in his ears and he did pretty good with them. Everybody absolutely loved him, and everyone was so nice! We took the subway from Joe's work (free parking!) to Fenway. While we were there, we tried a Fenway Frank, ate popcorn, cracker jacks, pizza, and had some New England clam chowder (delish!) After the game, the line to get on the subway was horrendous! So, we decided to walk to Joe's work. It actually didn't even seem like an hour walk, and it was such a beautiful walk. We had such a fun time! And then, we went back to Cambridge today because we had stake conference :) It was grand!

Failed attempt to get a pic of us 3
Had to include Ryker!
There we go!
Ryker trying to run away!
We took some pics in front of their logos over the years!
Fenway Park!
Mommy and Ryker (he looks a little uncomfortable here haha)
Daddy and Ryker
The family!
Red Sox Win!

Trip to Vegas

At the end of March, we went to Vegas for 4 days. We wanted to stay longer, but we had to get back home so Joe could get back to work. We are just thankful that we got to go and see Timmy off before he went in to the MTC and we got to see Benji for the first time since he got back from Chile in November. Ryker met his Uncle Ben for the first time too! We were also (of course) very happy to see all our other family that we got to see. Sad we couldn't see everyone, but glad we had the time there that we did.

Benji and Timmy! Timmy was set apart this night and we all went and ate at Taco Bell! Fancy, I know!
Matt and his girlfriend Jessi with Ryker!
Dad and JoAnn and Joe!Matt and Jessi <3Learning about gravity with Papa!
Ryker (and his crazy hair!)

Ryker loved playing with the light saber while we were there
One of the days we walked to the park. The weather was beautiful
Me and Timmy! He's so funny!
Me and Baby Brother Luke!
Ryker and Uncle Matt (Let's just say he was extremely tired and not used to the time change)
Ryker and Daddy at the park!
Ryker with Uncle Luke (tired boy!) Luke left the day before we left to visit my oldest brother Brent and his family in Seattle, so we said goodbye early to him!

Ryker and Uncle Logan!
Ryker with Uncle Benji at Walmart!
Ryker wanted to ride shotgun with Uncle Timmy!
Ryker with Papa! We were getting family pictures done that night and it was probably 9 or 10 oclock eastern time. He was a tired fella! But he had lots of fun!

Ryker's FIRST Haircut!

My posts are all out of order, but I guess that is what I get for going so long without blogging! I forgot to add that Ryker recently had his very FIRST haircut ever on April 5th. I just couldn't handle it anymore. His hair was out of control and mullet-like. It was cute, but it was just too long for me. So, we went and had his little curls cut off! Here are some pics!


We had a fun Easter! I hid Ryker and Joe's Easter baskets and they had to go find them. I hid Ryker's in an easy place, where he could easily spot it while he was in his room. We decorated some eggs, and we also had a small Easter egg hunt. We tried to get Ryker to understand what was going on, but we kind of knew he was still a little too young. Next year he'll get it! :) Here are some pics and videos from the festivities!Joe's was hidden on the third floor with all the storage.
Easily found it!
Ryker's hidden under his crib
Easily found it!
Ryker playing with his maraca eggs! (No I did not give my one year old candy!)
Joe got me a cute Easter basket and put kitkats up the steps leading to it...delish!
Eggs we decorated!
Trying to figure out this Easter egg stuff!
putting the eggs in the bucket!

Mild Winter!

Even though I know pretty much no one reads my blog, I still do it (when I feel like it) because I'm pretty bad at keeping a journal so this is a pretty good replacement. We had an extremely mild winter this year, so it snowed maybe two or three times, and when it did it melted pretty fast. One of the days it snowed (March 2nd) we decided to sled while we could. My in-laws have a great hill for sledding on the side of their home. Here are some videos and pics from that day! :)

After Joe and I took him down each, we sent him down on his own. We had a video of that one, but I'm pretty sure I accidentally deleted it. :( oh well!