Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's been a while...

So, here I am, wasting time on Facebook (not doing homework, mind you) and I could easily be updating my good family and friends about our lives. Well, there really isn't much to say except that I can't wait to graduate!!!!!! ugh! I am so ready to be done. I love school and all, but I don't enjoy the stress and busy work that comes with it. I wish we could all go to school JUST to learn and not do any assignments. That would be wonderful. So, I have senioritis, but I am not a senior. Close. But not yet. 2nd semester junior.... yes.... sounds pretty good. Joe graduates in April. He is so lucky. He is trying to find a job and hopes to have one by the time school gets out so that he is not just sitting around being bored.... and we'd have money! :) He is in his capstone right now. He does consultant projects and stuff like that... I don't know how it works, but it is a lot of work for him. He works hard. I don't know how he does it with the diet he is on. Poor guy. I am taking 15 credits mostly because that's the minimum I can take on the fast grad program. I am in a 4 credit class...tis the toddler lab.... tis very, very time consuming. I have to lead teach 3 times (1 down, 2 to go), and the activity plans that we have to write are VERY long. They seriously take me like 8 hours to do all together. I just wrote my second one and it was a little easier the second time. I am hoping the third one is even easier. I'm sure it will all become easier as the semester goes on. I am also taking a Child 230 class, which is a preschool curriculum class. We have to make these HUGE resource files... 10 subjects.... atleast 10 resources in each subject, 10 activity starters (like games and activities and such), and other teacher aides required (puppets, felt story boards, etc.) So, that takes up a good amount of time (rather, it WILL take up a good amount of time) I haven't worked on it as much as I should be. I am also taking a culture and diversity class... tis the easiest class this semester. It's my only 2 credit class and it is not too demanding... thank heavens! It's the back burner class... teehee. I am also taking another 400 level class, but it is 3 credits. It's a SPED course about family and community. It is pretty good. I like it. Lots of projects of course... last, but not least! I am taking another SPED class. It is called Exceptional Students, and both my major and ELED majors have to take it. The tests are quite rigorous thus far. We get to do fun application assignments (wheelchair, visual impairment, hearing impairment, stuttering, and language delay.) I have done the visual impairment where we have to wear four different masks for four hours (one hour per mask)... I am so grateful for my eyes... even if I have to wear contacts to make them work right. I have also done the stuttering and language delay and I was really embarrassed and self conscious. It is really interesting to see how others feel who have these disabilities. I am so very grateful for my blessings and hope that I can better interact with people with disabilities, rather than being scared of interacting with them. I will be doing the wheelchair next monday. Yay. There are certain things we have to do with this one. We have to get in and out of a car, go down to the book store, go to the bathroom (no standing, so I have to meneuver my body from the chair to the can, yikes) and there are some other things I have to do, but I am not sure of them right now. The hearing impairment... well, I have to wear ear plugs for EIGHT hours... I might have a headache by the end of that day. It will be good. So, yes. Life is good. I am especially nervous for next semester because I will be in Preschool lab... 5 big whoppin credits!!! I heard it's harder than the kidergarten practicum, which I will be taking in the fall. I am going to be taking preschool along with an assessments course which is 4 credits and I heard that class will make you cry because you have to learn how to assess children with disabilities and write an IFSP for them. I also learned that we have to take extremely rigorous tests in there too (same teacher, go figure.) He's good though. I am really enjoying this major no matter how hard it is because I am learning so very much a lot, and I can do SO many things with this major. Today we took Matt some "get well" brownies with some tylenol cold gel caps. He is sick. We gotta take care of our Matty boy. He was so nice to take us out for my birthday. We went to Winger's. We also took him out for pizza a few weeks ago. It is good to see him. So, pretty much life is Great! No social lives, but... wait! We are playing dodgeball, that's kind of social. Joe is the team captain for our dodgeball team. We've played one game. We won by forfeit. The other team only had 2 players show up. They were scared that we would win. I just play because the team has to have atleast one girl if it is a bunch of boys and atleast one boy if it is a bunch of girls. It's fun, but MAN! do those boys throw those balls fast and hard. Mine just fly in the air so slow that those guys catch them easily. Also, I am now 21! Feel the same, feel like I'm still 20. Joey and I both got over viruses. Thankfully, we have NOT gotten the flu... any type (knock on wood). That would destroy my grades. Hmmm... what else... oh! My best friend Kiki's missionary gets home TOMORROW!!! I have planned that they will be married during the summer break. That's what they'll probably do anyways if they decide to be married. Well, family and friends! I hope life is going very well for you! I will try and update this thing more often, but I can't make any promises! Happy late Valentine's day too! Love, love, love you all!!!

This is me on my birthday. We got one of those microwave Betty Crocker cakes... don't put the candles in right when it's done. They'll melt into the cake. Oh ya, and I was sick on my bday. A good day! That's why my nose is nice and rosey.
This is me and the father-in-law at his surprise 60th birthday party! He was indeed very surprised! :O
Awww... Father and son... so cute. Joe's dad is a riot!!! :)