Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weddings! :)

So I've been terrible at this blogging thing.  Every time I think to do it, I just don't feel like it!  So I am forcing myself to do it today!  So, among having Kaylee and Ryker turning two and the adjustment,  Joe's sister Liana got married, and so did Joe's oldest brother!!! So, now all the kids in his family are married.  It was like BAM!  Everyone's married now.  So, Joe's sister got married on February 9, the weekend of big blizzard.  They had driving bans and everything, but they lifted the ban just in time for her and Greg's beautiful white wedding.  They still had a very nice turn out and like I said, it was very beautiful! Here are some pics from their wedding day:
 I think this was at the end of the night after they had been dancing and getting all sweaty.  I'll have to find a fresher pic.  I found this on facebook because I only took pics of my kids.
The Blizzard Bride and Groom! :)
 Big boy Ryker eating his chicken finger meal!  Also, notice the cucumber.  They served him this huge salad, and he tried the cucumber and tomato and spit both out.  Then he proceeded to stab his cucumber with his straw.
She doesn't really look it, but Kaylee is tiny in this picture.  We were still trying to get her back to her birth weight here.

Joe's brother Rick and his wife originally got married on January 30th in Vegas, but they had a really nice reception on March 9!  Funnily enough, we had a bunch of snow the day before theirs too!  But it ended up being sunny and beautiful and melting mostly by the time the reception started.  Katie was so nice to let me join in on getting my hair and makeup done since one of her girls wasn't able to make it!!!  She said she had already paid for it, so she needed someone to fill it!  So that was really fun for me.  I felt like a princess! kinda.  Only because I felt like my hair was really fancy.  36 bobby pins later, here it is:

I know that is one ridiculous picture, but it is the only one of my makeup.  I felt like a clown because she put some color on my eye brows and I am not used to them being that dark (even though they aren't that dark, you usually can't see my eye brows haha)

Rick and Katie's reception was really fun and nice!  And they had delicious food!!! :)  Here is the happy couple now:

 They had two fun little room up two sets of stair.  One of them had polaroid cameras to take pictures of ourselves and attach it to a cork board with a message to Rick and Katie.  We took like 5.  It was fun.  Also this is the only picture I took with my camera the whole night.  I was trying to get Ryker to smile in the mirror, but he was on the move!
I stole this pic from someone on Facebook.  Kaylee slept the entire time even through all the extremely loud music!  It was a fun night!!! :)

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