Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our First Baby is Two!

I cannot believe that Ryker is two already!  He turned two on March 18th.  It has been such a joy seeing him grow and develop his own personality.  I enjoy watching him learn new things and am amazed how quickly he picks things up!  He is a little sponge!  He had a great birthday.  We actually celebrated like 3 times because Joe's parents had a combined party for him and his Uncle Steve, then I took him out to play on his actual birthday, and lastly, we celebrated with Daddy by going to Bonkers and opening presents with Aunts and Uncles!  I think he was a little bit spoiled this birthday, but I could not help myself! :)  Here are some pics from the festivities!

 I just thought this was cute!  Ryker thought that all his Sesame Street characters each needed a ball!
 He wasn't too thrilled about blowing out that candle! He wanted that cupcake!!!
 Playing with his bowling set from Mimi!
 Playing at Mall Tots on his birthday!
 Slam Dunk! Our little basketball player!
 Going down the giant slides at Bonkers!  He loved those slides!  He was very brave! Even I was nervous to go down those things!

 "I'm two!"

 He didn't see this movie.  He just wanted to sit in the chair!
riding on the dog!

So Ryker has really learned a lot in the last few months!  He absolutely loves the alphabet and loves anything to do with letters!  He also loves colors and knows all his colors (except brown).  He also knows most of the shapes.  His language is coming right along.  He is finally starting to say 2-3 word phrases, and it is helpful when we know what he is saying.  When we don't know what he is saying, it is easy for us all to get a little frustrated.  He still speaks his own language every now and again.  But the doctor said don't be surprised if his vocabulary just explodes even more very soon!  His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Super Why!  He loves loves loves books.  Every morning when he wakes up, he wants to look at books and before bed he wants to look at books.  He'll look at them all day sometimes!  He loves to play outside and throw snowballs.  He also loves slides (or "wee" as he calls them)!  He loves to give Kaylee kisses (my favorite thing) and when she cries, he says "what baby?"  His concern is so cute!   He loves to run and loves balls.  He loves football, and his new favorite is basketball!  When he thinks something is gross, he says "goss!"  He is a french fry ( fweh-fwhy) and ice cream (eye-eem) boy!  If he sees it, he wants it!  He loves nursery and he calls it "teacher" because he loves his teachers so much!  :)  He is a very busy boy, and we love having him in our family.  He has hit the terrible twos, so many days can be hard, but he is a sweet boy!  Love you Ryky!

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